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Thread: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    • Route 66 RV Resort
    • 14500 Central Ave SW, I-40 exit 140
    • Albuquerque, NM 87121
    • Garry Gilbert - RD 5204550239
    • Pets ok?: Yes
    • Golf carts allowed?: Yes
    • Golf Cart restrictions?: None - RV Resort pending purchase of new carts, However, an outside vendor has 50 carts reserved for our Rally, Price TBD
    • Golf Cart fees?: TBD

    • From: 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020
    • Number of sites held: 100, entire RV Resort
    • Register by end of day 6/1/2020
    • Site fee: $$35 + Tax per night.
    • Club Member Event fee:
    • Non-Heartland Brand fee: Not allowed
    • Potluck: Yes
    • Potluck date: September 08
    • Potluck time: 4:00 PM


    Additional Info:....see also post 2 above.
    ``````````````````````` Mountain Region
    `````````````````````Land of Enchantment Rally
    `````````````````````````Sept 8-13, 2020

    On behalf of the Heartland Owners Club, the Mountain Region is excited to Present the “LAND Of ENCHANTMENT” Regional Rally!
    The hosting State, New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque will provide the ambiance for this event.
    Route 66 RV Resort will be our Rally headquarters!
    This is a beautiful new RV Resort, nestled in the middle of the Pueblo of Laguna Tribal Organization Indian Reservation,
    approximately 15 miles west of Albuquerque on I-40 with an altitude of 5,312 feet.
    The resort features all full hookups, free internet, concrete pads, an Incredible Pool with Bar area & food area,
    Clubhouse room with LP fireplace, kitchen, pool tables & shuffleboard.
    A nice gym, laundry facilities, and a large outdoor Ramada with BBQ grills, tables, ceiling heating & restrooms.
    We have locked in a super price for this rally at $35 per night plus tax.
    For the gambling hearts, the Resort is located a short walk to Route 66 Casino featuring full gaming,
    Bingo, live entertainment, bars & various themed restaurants.

    You must be a HOC member or own a Heartland RV to participate in this Rally.
    Since Heartland provides the financial support, NO SOB RV’s allowed & guest in your RV must be registered in advance.
    There will be a Rally surcharge per person over two members. Fee TBA
    If you are not a HOC member, you must be able to demonstrate
    you own a Heartland RV prior to being allowed to block a rally site.
    Sites & Rally registration is based on a Party of two
    ! If there are more than two in your party they
    must be members of your immediate family & living with you, ie Children.

    This Rally week is planned for you,ALL HOC Members and Heartland Owners
    and Hosted by the Mountain Region & members! The Rally week will feature an exciting list of activities,
    games, prizes and a few surprises! We have full daily addendum's, please feel free to participate in some or all the activities going on!
    Please note you may bring your own alcoholic beverages anywhere on the RV Resort,
    EXCEPT for the pool area and Casino area! Alcohol is sold at the pool by the Resort. No glass in the pool area!

    Make your reservations via this Rally Thread or PM.
    Do Not Call the RV Resort”
    NOTE: If you reserve a site and don't have exact dates, Your reservations will default to the Rally dates 8-13th
    If you decide to arrive early or stay late, let me know as soon as possible in order to hold your site for the early dates.
    Don't wait too long. Early Rally arrival dates not booked in advance will be open to the public, leaving you with the Rally dates only!
    REMEMBER - You can always reduce your early arrival dates, but not always add them if you wait too long!

    I will assign all sites and collect your deposit and final payments when it’s time.
    We have the entire RV Resort for this Rally, 100 sites.
    Make sure you book early to secure a site!

    If you have a request to be together with another rig,
    please let me know with your RSVP for a site reservation.
    NOTE: Rally RSVP & planning is based on a party of two!

    Golf Carts:

    Route 66 has a Capital asset PO pending approval for new golf carts to rent.
    Just in case, we have an outside vendor available with 50 carts on hold. If you want a cart and not on the list as shown on the Rally nights & Payment attachment below, let me know and I will add your name! The exact price will be determined as the Rally dates get closer, a tentative price is around $200 for the week.

    Heartland Regional Rally Rebate:
    Attached below is a certificate and instructions for a Rebate on any New,
    never titled Heartland RV.
    The rebate is valid for 30 days from the start date of each Regional Rally.
    2018 was the Trial Period and let's hope it will still be valid for 2020!
    Rebate is:
    $1,000 on Landmark, Bighorn, Big Country, Cyclone & Road Warrior
    $750 on all other 5th Wheels
    $500 on all Travel Trailers

    This is a great benefit for someone who may be looking for a new RV and not yet pulled the trigger!
    This rebate will be over and above any deal, you make with your Dealer and
    the Dealer will not be involved with this program.

    This is an exciting perk that used to be just for the National Rally.

    RAT Team Leaders arrival: Sept 3, 2020
    Rat support members arrival: Sept 4 & 5, 2020

    Pre-& Post Rally dates for Attendees: Sept 6 & 7, 2020 & departure Sept 14, 2020
    Rally dates: Sept 8-13, 2020. Departing on Sunday 13th.

    ......................RSVP....RV's @ 100, 200 Attendees, Sites remaining = 0........
    ........Will add a waitlist to the bottom of the Rally nights & payment attachment listed below.
    ...........................SPECIAL NOTE: 20 additional Sites approved....................................
    Since this Rally was sold out on 6/10/18, the Rally was authorized to increase by 20 additional sites!
    However, these sites are currently 8.5 miles away from Route 66 at American RV Resort. That said, Route 66 is in the approval process to increase their Resort by 50 sites. If these sites are completed in time for our Rally, we will move those booked at the other venue to Route 66. In the meantime, at your option, wait lists will be cleared for American RV Resort and you will be moved over to Route 66 as cancellations are received and in order on the waitlist.
    Example, if you are number one on the waitlist, the first cancellation at Route 66, you will be placed at Route 66.
    Site fees at American RV with our 15% discount = $43.35 + tax.
    REMEMBER: This is your option and no one will be forced to accept American RV Resort for this Rally.

    DEPOSITS & Refunds: TBA
    Deposit Date to be announced 2019.
    Deposits will be applied to your total site fee, however, they are not refundable.
    Final payment refund policy will be announced later.

    Local Events & Sightseeing:
    Sandia Peak Tramway - 2.7-mile aerial tram
    ABQ Bio Park Botanic Gardens
    over 1.5 miles of walkable gardens. A sprawling collection of gardens with walking paths, featuring seasonal classes, tours & events.
    Petroglyphic National Monument
    Archaeological site showcasing thousands of prehistoric Native American drawings on the stone wall.
    Petroglyph National Monument stretches 17 miles along Albuquerque, New Mexico’s West Mesa,
    a volcanic basalt escarpment that dominates the city’s western horizon.
    Albuquerque Biological Park
    Over 250 species of animal life in a natural environment, including polar bears, monkeys & koalas.
    Albuquerque Scavenger Hunt $15 -
    The adventure begins in Old Town Albuquerque and takes you on a well-designed course
    through the historic and cultural streets as you visit churches,
    walk through sculpture gardens and see the local parks and museums.
    The tour requires approximately 1 mile of walking.
    The game software tracks team points and posts the final score to a city leaderboard for those with a competitive edge.
    Around 90 minutes to complete.
    Albuquerque Sunrise Balloon Ride - $159 -
    This adventure departs each day at Sunrise, weather permitting. After meeting at the launch site, everyone will check in,
    perform final safety checks and briefings and prepare the balloon for the morning's adventure.
    inflated, guests will board the gentle giants and depart on the adventure of a lifetime.
    After about an hour in the air, you will land, pack up, and return to the launch site for a post-flight celebration of the day's adventure.
    The whole adventure will take approximately 3 hours, of which, you will spend approximately 1 hour in the air.
    This is the perfect bucket list adventure.
    Our primary goals are to ensure your safety, and ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime.
    Join us for your adventure of a lifetime today!

    Rally Vendors, Sponsors & Seminars:

    1. MORryde
    2. La Mesa RV
    3. Weigh to go
    4. Liberty Rider Suspensions
    5. Origen - Snap Pads
    6. RV Lock
    7. Camping World & Good Sam
    8. RV Comfort - Cheap Heat
    9. Torklift
    11. Sal's Magic Touch Mobile Detailing- See vendor services fee's listed below

    Vendor Services available during the Rally:
    1. La Mesa RV – Display RV’s
    2. MORryde - Free suspension checks
    3. Weigh to Go – Weigh your Truck & RV
    4. Camping World – Good Sam sign up or renew
    5. Golf Cart Rental – Route 66 RV resort -new item and numbers TBA
    6. RV Comfort - Cheap Heat
    7. Andersen Hitch
    8. Torklift

    9. Sal's Magic Touch Mobile Detailing
    $3 ft for RV wash, dry & tire shine, including roof
    $8 ft RV wash, wax, dry, tire shine, and roof cleaning
    $30 RV Tow Vehicle, wash, wax & tire shine
    Service includes 303 on all rubber & plastic, choice of 3 different wax, including Rejex or
    two others with Paint inhibitors for the sun! RSVP on this thread with RV length & services requested!

    Rally Activities:
    Since we are in the heart of a gaming community,
    let’s have some fun and allow you to win a few dollars
    without stacking the odds against you!

    Pentathlon 500:

    Pair up into teams of two. Entry fee $5 per team.
    Engage in five “100” point events for MONEY!
    Maybe big money depending on the number of entries!

    There will be three winning teams: First place winning 50% of the money collected, Second place 30% and Third place 20%.
    Payout will be Saturday evening during our Grand Night Event.
    1. Golf Cart Egg Polo
    The driver will be blindfolded with the passenger directing through an obstacle course.
    Earn points along the way! The driver cannot speak and oh, almost forgot,
    the passenger will be holding an egg on a teaspoon between his/her thumb & forefinger with one hand during the event.
    Egg drops, no points.
    2. FAT’s Pool Table Break
    Each team member will get one opportunity to break a rack of balls.
    Count the numbers on each ball that drops on the break.
    Add total to your Pentathlon card. example: 9 ball falls into a pocket, add 9 points to your total,
    more balls more points on ONE BREAK.
    Sink the 8 ball and you win 100 points. Rat team will verify all scores for your team scorecard.
    3. Electronic Darts
    Two teams will match up at a time and play to 21 points. First team player to total 21 exactly wins 50 points for his team.
    If you go over, sorry, subtract your overage from 21 and continue until you hit exactly 21,
    current player darts must be all tossed on each round when you reach 21.
    Three bull’s eyes within the team will net you 100 team points.
    The match is over with first to reach 21 or three bull’s eyes. Rat team will total points on the team’s scorecard.
    4. Shuffle Board
    this indoor table is “slick” as in fast, may not be 100% level, but a cool game!
    Two teams will match up against each other. The first team to reach 11 or more points,
    wins 50 team points added to your pentathlon card and ending the match.
    Have a hanger on the forward edge of the board after each player completes that round,
    your team get 100 points and the match is over.
    Rat team will total points on team scorecards.
    Both teams will receive points added to your scorecard.
    5. Bean Bag Toss
    Two teams will compete against each other.
    Each team member will complete 2 tosses per round for a combined 6 bag tosses.
    Team with 3 bags in the hole first between team members, wins the 100 points and the match is over.
    Rat team will total points for each team scorecard.
    In case of a Pentathlon tie for a first, second or third place,
    there will be a playoff for that position featuring two extended events; Fat’s pool table break & shuffleboard
    Rules will be announced at the start of each game!

    Five Card Speed Poker
    $5 per player – Win Money! Payouts as follows:
    First place 50%, Second Place 30% & Third Place 20% of the total collected.
    Select a card from five different tables. Rat team will document each card on your Poker Card.
    If you don’t like the card you drew, option to pay a onetime fee of $1 to reselect on that table.
    You may elect this option on each table.
    Top 10 hands will proceed to round two for the Money Round.
    In case of a tie for #10 spot, tied players will draw for high card to move on.

    Test your driving skills with a Ford GT Mustang - Pending
    Three lucky names will be drawn to test your driving skills!
    This Hot Yellow Ford Mustang GT isn't stock by no means!
    Accelerator is touchy and lightning fast and the sound of the Turbo kicking in
    is amazing! Must sign a waiver in case you crash it!

    Heartland Buy's Back
    It's a "money/prize" night opportunity! This is a surprise game that came to mind on no sleep after
    several nights. Guess I was waiting for the sign! Full details will be announced at the
    Rally! It won't cost you a cent, but you could walk away with a few greenbacks or prizes!

    Heartland, Flag & Apple Pie:
    It’s an election year and a great time to Honor our Mom’s favorite pie;
    Remember the phrase; Mom, Flag & Apple pie?
    No? Well, maybe I made it up in a past life.
    Winsome Heartland Branded prizes, enjoy an American Flag and take home a fresh Apple Pie in Honor of Mom!
    It’s “Rally Election Night”.
    We have two Heartland Nonpolitical Parties;
    Full-timer Party & Weekender Party;
    Presidential Candidates will announce their VP after the On-Line Electronic Primary Election. The Candidates will remain in the campaign mode throughout the Rally Headquarters festivities.
    The General Election hall will be alive with excitement and decorated with Candidate posters,
    signs and streamers in support of your candidates.
    Upon arrival at the Election Hall and after a full security check, you will register to vote.
    1. Must have resided in the Albuquerque area for at least 24 hours.
    2. Hold a valid voter HOC number or proof you own a Heartland RV.
    3. Know the make, model, year of your tow vehicle to vote.
    Voting will be leisurely throughout the evening as election updates are periodically announced.
    The Albuquerque Central Indian Gazette, Fake News, Garry Golden Show a nonpolitical radio talk show
    and rally thread postings, show signs for a wild and perhaps very tight election

    Especially when you read the final candidate names!
    Keep a close eye for twists, improprieties and prepare the “ol Ticker” for some excitement
    and frustrations throughout the evening! This event is nonpolitical, paid for and sponsored without third-party money,
    special interest groups or influenced by Lobbyists.
    Be sure to dress in Red, White & Blue, USA Patriotic motif for this Party!
    Do we have an Uncle Sam on stilts in the crowd??
    Oops, forgot we aren’t 20 anymore!
    It’s time for everyone to get involved, announce your party affiliation and support
    your candidate with election signs and join the Wild Night!
    Security will be tight, and all ballot boxes guarded. After the Primary party election is completed, the final candidates and each party’s platform will be announced! Oh, can’t wait for this one!
    Security will be managed by 5 Special Ops Delta Force men of Steel...It is rumored we
    may have some "Russian" meddling and perhaps a few "SOB's" trying to infiltrate our Election!
    Stay tuned………. More to follow!!!!

    Join a Rat team member for lunch:
    Vote for a Rat team member working this Rally. Vote as many times as you want,
    enter the Rat Team members name, your name & HOC#.
    Vote from Sunday, Sept 6th until 9:00 Am on Thursday, Sept 10th.
    A ballot will be randomly drawn and the names on the ballot,
    (one Rat team member, HOC member & guest) will be hosted for lunch
    at the 66 Pit Stop for a world famous “cardiac” half pound Laguna Burger.
    If you eat it all, you won’t want dinner!
    Drawing held at 9:00 Am at the Clubhouse Rec Hall with lunch to follow at noon. Good luck.
    In the event the winner is unable to attend the lunch, another winner will be drawn.

    Who will win this years covenant title of MOOCH 2020?
    Lynette Armour will bequeath her 2018 crown to start the game!
    Will you be part of the "elite" group selected to be drawn for the prizes and Title?

    #1 -Hum, I think I spoke to Elvis! Was it a dream? Will he show up?
    #2 Is The King Back? We are communicating and let's see what happens!
    #3 Comedy Magic Show

    Group Meals:
    Pre-Rally no host Dinner - Old Town - "Church St Cafe"
    Group Breakfast - Potluck style - Region will supply pancakes, butter, hot syrup
    Group Dinner - Potluck style – Region to supply beef & turkey burgers & buns
    Two Group Dinner - Catered Buffet Dinner - Casino
    Group snack - Potluck

    Vendor Tables - Crafts & Resale Limited tables:
    Vendors will have priority for table reservations.
    Craft tables are scheduled inside the Resort clubhouse space permitting which
    is a distance from the Election tent & Rally barn.
    White elephant items will be outside the clubhouse under the breezeway.
    Since we are renting all the tables and chairs, sign up in advance on first come first serve. Pending budget
    I may have to initiate a small charge for tables & Chairs to break even on this expense! If so you may
    share a table or purchase the entire table on your own.
    Table & Space will be limited.


    MORryde - Topics TBA
    RV Comfort - TBA
    Andersen Hitch - TBA

    Rally Dates & Events:
    Special note as we move forward; listed activities may be changed,
    deleted or added without violation of the Federal Trade Rally Commission!
    Attending this Regional Rally may cause excitement, heart palpations,
    Euphoric behavior, excessive eating and minor consumption of your favorite beverages
    Please consult your Doctor for approval or if pregnant before signing up for this event!

    Below represents a partial listing of daily activities!

    Sept 2 & 3 - RAT Team leaders arrive
    Sept 4 & 5 - RAT Support teams arrive

    Team Assignments and Rally set-up
    Rally Election Tent set up by the vendor

    Sept 6 – Sunday – Pre-Rally
    Rat team final preparations
    First day for attendees - Pre-Rally
    Check-in, set up and free day
    4:00 Pm – Meet n Greet – Rally Barn
    Bring a snack plate to share & your drink of choice

    Sept 7 – Monday – Pre-Rally
    Free day - sightseeing and tour the area
    5:00 Pm – Group no-host dinner in Old Town, Church St. Cafe

    Sept 8 – Tuesday – Rally Starts
    Check in & set up
    Vote a Rat for lunch - Clubhouse
    8:30 Am – Coffee bar & ice tea in Clubhouse
    Free morning to visit the area while others check in & set up
    4:00 PM - Rally Welcome, Introductions, Mooch II starts
    Election social gathering at Rally barn & Election Tent
    6:00 PM - Catered meal - Buffet Dinner at the Casino

    Sept 9 – Wednesday
    8:30 Am – Coffee bar & ice tea in Clubhouse
    Vote a Rat for lunch
    10:00 - Noon – Pentathlon, grab your team and meet at the Clubhouse
    Noon – Lunch by the Pool, no-host bar, and lunch
    1:30 -2:30 - MORryde Presentation - Topic, TBA
    2:30 - 3:00
    - Seminar TBA
    4:00 Pm Steal a Gift – Rally barn
    Bring an unwrapped gift valued between $10-15, does not have to be RV related.
    One gift per RV, ticket issued for each gift for the drawing and of course you know I have a
    Twist in Mind” after the last ticket has been drawn.
    6:00 pm – Dinner on your own
    7:00 Pm - Election Town Hall MEETING-Meet the Candidates!
    Candidates Q & A

    Sept 10 – Thursday
    8:30 Am – Coffee bar & ice tea in Clubhouse
    9:00 Am – Rat Team Lunch Award drawing - Club House
    10:00 – 10:30 Am - 5 Card Speed Poker - Round 1 - Clubhouse
    Winnings will be paid out on Saturday Evening Event
    Noon – Rat team member winners lunch -The 66 Pit Stop
    Winning Rat member will host two attendees to Lunch
    1:00 - 2:30 - HOC 101 by Jim B - Election Tent
    6:00 PM - Dinner on your own
    7:00 Pm – Heartland, Flag & Apple Pie Election Rally - Election Tent
    .................Three Live Entertainment shows
    .................Has anyone seen Elvis Lately?????
    Campaign speeches, election updates, The King Returns, and Very Tight Security!
    Bring your drink of choice as this may be a very long Election night
    Plan to arrive at the Rally barn & Election tent early for Security Checks
    Two "Black Ops" special forces bodyguards will use hand magnetometers when entering
    the Election tent. You will need to answer 3 security questions as referenced
    in the Rally thread to receive a ballot to vote! Security wristbands and ID
    must be present to enter the Secured Voting area! Due to possible SOB infiltrators,
    or possible Russian meddling, this will be a High-Security Election!
    Special Entertainment- The King Returns!

    Sept 11 – Friday
    08:30 Am – Coffee & Ice tea at the Clubhouse
    - 10:30 - 5 Card Speed Poker - Final Round - Clubhouse
    11:00 - seminar - TBA
    1:00 PM - Seminar - TBA
    5:00 pmPot Luck Dinner - Region will provide Turkey & Beef burgers, buns. Please bring a side dish, desserts or condiments.
    7:00 pm Entertainment - Election Tent

    Sept 12 – Saturday
    08:30 Am Group Breakfast – Potluck style
    The region to provide, pancakes, Hot syrup, Butter & coffee
    Side dish suggestions: Meat, Hash browns, fruit plate, Egg dish, more hash browns, more eggs

    10:00 Am - Seminar TBA
    11:00 AM - Seminar TBA
    3:00 Pm – Start gathering at the Rally barn & Election tent for:
    Heartland "Gives Back" Charity Fundraiser
    Pentathlon Winners & Payout
    Five Card Speed Poker Winners & Payout

    50/50 Raffle, 2-4 drawings, Pending total collected
    Mooch II winner
    Heartland Buy's Back- SURPRISE event
    Prize Give Away Drawing
    Grand Prize Drawing

    6:00 pm - Catered Dinner - Casino
    7:00 pm - Bingo for Dollars– Casino will block space for our group
    For a night of Casino Money Bingo. Beer etc. sold on site.

    Sept 13 – Sunday
    8:30 Am – Coffee & rolls in Clubhouse Rec Room until they run out
    Check out by 11 AM

    Highlighted in Orange & Yellow on the Rally nights & Payment attachment below:

    ..............Next UP:
    ------------------------You are Wanted-----
    In Gillette, WY June 6-12 2022, the next Mountain Regional Rally!

    Pentathlon Teams: two members per team...sign up listing on Post #2

    5 Card Speed Poker: Individual players, no teams.....sign up listing on Post #2
    Sign up for some serious cash!

    Attendee name listing, Rally Nights & Payments, site numbers, click on PDF attachments below:
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Post #2 reserved for Rally updates:

    Additional Rally Information:
    One Stop Check-in: Upon arrival, you will check in at the Resort office, be issued a key-card for all gates & pool, players card for the casino, sign the Rally registration book & receive a Rally bag.
    Resort Staff will escort all RV's to assigned sites. If you are single and need assistance with a back in site, be sure to advise the Resort staff.
    Resort phone number will be printed on the welcome letter for any site issues! The Resort has staff on duty 24/7 to handle all issues.

    Pre-Rally Group Dinner in Old Town: - "Church St Cafe"
    1. Garry & Kathi & Cheyenne
    2. Jim & Jie Arganbright
    3. Ernie & Marie Perez
    4. Gregg & Linda Wibbels
    5. John & Debi MacVie
    6. Jim & Nancy Beletti
    7. Mike & Kim Steward
    8. Lynn & Rose Alsbury
    9. Kevin & Patti Carter
    10. Don & Vicky Smith
    11. George Speir
    12. Jim & Melody Miner
    13. Randy & Kathy Reano
    14. Keith & Betty Orloop
    15. Michael & Maureen Woodward
    16. Jeff Stewart
    17. Jeff & Kim & Jameson Leavitt

    Pentathlon Teams:
    Anthony & Linda Wilson
    Mike & Kim Steward
    Steve & Sandy Rinks
    Tom & Carla Sherrick
    Harry & Lynn Robinson

    Five "5" Card Speed Poker: Sign up
    Steve & Sandy Rinks
    Anthony & Linda Wilson
    Tom & Carla Sherrick

    Potluck Items:
    1. Jim & Melody - Baked Beans
    2. Jim & Nancy - Corn Casserole
    3. Mike & Kim -
    New Mexico style red chile Posole
    4. Don & Vicky - Dessert
    5. George - Apple Pie, "Texas" style
    6. Tom & Carla - Deviled eggs

    Craft Table Reservations:
    1. Nancy B
    2. Ann Mayer

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Gary.......Sign Jim and Melody plus the Pug Ginger up for your rally. Would like to arrive the 6th and depart the 14th.

    We will bring baked beans.
    Jim & Melody Miner and the Pug Ginger
    Hurricane, Ut
    2015 Ford F-350 Lariat CC 6.7L V-8 Diesel
    Transfer Flow in bed 50gal tank w/Trax3 Monitor

    2016 Big Horn 3270RS

    2014 Pacific Regional Rally - Sparks Nv.
    2014-2015-2016-2017 - So. Cal. Rally Temecula Ca
    2015 Utah Rally - Moab Utah
    2015 Oregon Rally N. Bend Or
    2015-2017 So. Nv Rally - Pahrump, Nv
    2016 Arizona Rally - Tucson, Az
    2016 Oregon Rally Silverton Or
    2016 Utah Rally - Glendale, Utah
    2016 National Rally Las Vegas Nv
    2016 No. Cal. Rally - Jackson, Ca
    2017 Arizona Rally - Lake Havasu, Az
    2017-​2018 No Cal Rally Red Bluff Ca
    2017 Missouri/Kansas Rally - Branson, Mo.
    2017 National Rally-Goshen, In.
    2017 Wash. Rally - Silverlake, Wash.
    2017 Pacific Regional Rally Canyonville, Oregon
    2017 No. Cal Rally Jackson, Ca
    2018 Mtn Regional Rally Pueblo, Colorado

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Got you down and I really appreciate your support...Thank you!

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Garry put us down to help in any was we can!! Don and Vicky.
    Don and Vicky Smith
    New Mexico Chapter Leaders
    Peanut - Dachshund Mix
    Member #3643

    2017 6.7 Diesel F350 Platinum DRW - B&W Slider hitch
    Garmin RV 670 GPS
    2014 Heartland Landmark San Antonio
    MorRyde 33x90 Sliding Cargo Tray
    With Generator
    MorRyde Disc brakes
    Torklift Glow Steps

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Got you down!
    Thank You!
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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Garry please sign up Tom and Carla Sherrick + Cody (golden retriever) we will arrive Sept 6 and depart Sept 14. Thanks!

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    Carla (Sue) and Tom Sherrick
    +Cody Bear (golden retriever)

    2016 Bighorn 3270RS
    2015 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 6.6 L V8 Turbo Diesel

    2017 Spring Rally, Ft. Collins, CO
    2017 Fall Rally, Mancos-Mesa Verde, CO
    2018 Regional Rally, Pueblo, CO

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    hi Garry,

    Even though I'm likely to get run over by an out of control rig at the Pueblo Rally RV Rodeo, sign up Dan and Ann Mayer.

    Dan and Ann Mayer & fur baby Callie the Rally Dog
    2011 Landmark Rushmore
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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    Just remember you are not allowed to Die until after all Regional Rally's have been planned and executed...
    Got you down...

    Tom & Carla...
    THank you....I appreciate your support.

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    Re: EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

    We would like to sign up for this. Arrive on the 5th and depart on the 13th.

    Mike & Anna McKenzie
    Heidi the water dog.
    2011 F350
    2017 Big Country 4011 ERD

    If you don't like where you are going, you are going to hate whats coming.

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