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Thread: Gateway 3800RLB Mods

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    Re: Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    My niece came to stay with us for a couple of days... She's five. Bless her heart.... she put a beating on my 16 month old son, went #2 in the upstairs toilet without flushing, leaving a pleasant surprise for my wife, and then washed her hands for dinner and didn't turn off the faucet in the back bathroom. Didn't find that one for a few hours. Wife noticed water leaking from under the camper when she went to the car. Searched for an hour or so trying to find the source of the leak under the camper. Finally gave up, cut off all the water to the camper and had my daughter go to bed. She came right back saying the bunk-room was "soaking wet". Yeah... she wasn't kidding.

    Long story short, I now know what the inside of interior walls look like, and there is linoleum under the carpet in the bunk-room (which we preferred anyway) and I got to see what was above the underbelly like I'd been wanting to. Don't think any serious damage has been done. Linoleum seemed to have caught the majority of it and we put multiple dehumidifiers in to get the moisture out. Got to get in one more little nook to get the wet carpet out and I'm thinking we should be done.

    The mod... changed the carpet in the bunk-room to linoleum and will most likely add a door to to the dead space under the stairs for some added storage.
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    Re: Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    Got access to the dead space under the ladder to the loft. Had to take out a wall, but this leads to my next mod. I plan on adding a cubby hole for the kids to store their shoes under the ladder. I will cut out some of the stud and add a cross member to distribute the weight. Cut a matching hole in the wall and then add in any necessary trim to clean it up. The walls come off really easy. Everything is either brad nailed or stapled and pops off by running a flat pry bar along the border. As you go up, the wall just pops off. Corner trim was a little more stubborn. The corner piece is pretty solid with a longer brad nail going straight in the corner.

    Told my wife when we bought the camper that we couldn't be afraid to make changes. Had no idea it would lead to this. Lol...
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    2017 Heartland Gateway 3800RLB
    Full-timers with a pre-teen and toddler

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    Re: Gateway 3800RLB Mods

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogwoodfarms View Post
    Has anyone attempted to replace the sink with a deeper under-mount sink?
    I replaced ours, but a little more extensive removing the "L" portion of the island, moved some drawers and cabinet doors. You can follow the upgrade here.
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