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Thread: Full-timing in a BC rig

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    Full-timing in a BC rig

    My wife and I will be retiring next year and want to have good coach for full-timing on a limited budget. We've been in the located ministry for nearly 40 years. Don't plan to retire from ministry, just the "located" ministry. Anyway, we have some clear goals. My concern is to buy a coach that will be comfortable in summer and winter. Don't plan on being in Alaska but my daughter lives in VA. We reside in southern OH. I think dual pane windows, heavy insulation is a must (should save on AC as well as heat). My wife is concerned with floorplan, colors, location of W/D, fireplace, cupboard space, etc. Question: How comfortable are you full-timers in the BC or BH. We are attracted to the BH 3600RE or the BC 3500RL. How do these rigs compare with, say, a Montana with artic pack? Thanks for your response.

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    I can't speak for the arctic pack on the Montana but as for the Bighorn vs. the Big Country. Both are close but you should go to Heatlands website and check the options/standards list. I don't know if dual pane windows are available on the Big Country. I feel these are a needed option. They really help keep the cool out and the heat in. Or the other way around as needed. We opted not to get the fireplace because we wanted the extra storage cabinet but to each their own. We use a small portable electric heater. We've been full timing for 2 years and still love it. The Landmark has a couple amenities I would like to have but our Bighorn is more than sufficient. I know people that full time in much less trailer though. It's all about what makes you happy. Best Wishes on your new journey.
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