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Thread: Prospective Buyer of Sundance 201RD

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    Prospective Buyer of Sundance 201RD


    I'm new to this forum and would appreciate any information you are willing to share. My wife and I own a Jay Flight SLX 175RD, and previously have owned a Creekside 20FQ, and a Casita Liberty Deluxe but are now thinking of ordering a Sundance 201RD since we always prefer rear dining/living floor plans.

    We have been happy with our Jay Flight but want a little more width (it is a 7 ft wide), a walk around front queen bed, and total length of about 26 feet. The Sundance 201RD seems to meet most of our desired criteria but since I've never owned a Heartland let alone a Sundance TT I wanted to ask a few questions. I live in Oregon and no dealership out here has one on the lot for me to examine.

    If you have a 201RD, how do you like it?? Any trouble spots?? Is the underbelly enclosed and heated?? Where are the storage tanks located....mounted in front, middle, rear?? What tire manufacturer and model is used?? For example Jayco has moved everything to Goodyear Endurance D or E rated tires as their factory mounted tires. Are there various package upgrades available for it??

    My experience with customer and technical support for all of my other trailers from the manufacturers have been excellent, how is it from Heartland/Sundance?? How is their warranty?? Does Sundance have their own technical support or is it all lumped under a central Heartland call center?? Can you obtain schematics easily if you want to do some modifications such as adding solar panels, creating an access point in your front storage area from the batteries for solar controller, inverters, battery monitors, etc.??

    How are Sundance trailers in general in terms of reliability, quality of build, serviceability, resale value??

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Prospective Buyer of Sundance 201RD

    Howdy. My wife and I are in central Texas and just bought the 201RD yesterday. So i mostly can't answer your questions yet if you are still thinking of buying one. We are moving up from a Rockwood popup camper so it's a big change. Let me know if you want more info after we pick it up in a week and take it out camping later next month.

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