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Thread: New Fuel 305

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    New Fuel 305

    Quote Originally Posted by frniners View Post
    He has two AC's? I thought his comment was that he cannot run the AC not run both
    No he said he couldn’t run more the AC without tripping the breaker.
    I am sure his fuel has more than one AC. The issue is that if he’s only on a 30 amp service he is very limited in what he can power if he is utilizing an air conditioner on that 30 amp system.


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    Re: New Fuel 305

    Hi All!

    We just picked up our 2018 Fuel 305 on Saturday from Camping World of Kingston. It has pretty much everything we were looking for & they took our trade for a great price which sealed the deal. CW is not known for cleaning & detailing but their tech who did the demo was very thorough & fixed what we asked before delivery. I plan to carry a wildcat trail & 2 renegades in the garage & they seem to fit pretty good. Has anyone bought a mat to protect the floor? Im looking at keeping it clean & protected as much as you can. Otherwise the fit & finish is on par with typical campers in that price range, gave it a good water test & see no leaks. The water heater is a suburban sw10de but the switch in the panel is only for gas, is the electric turned on & off from the switch on the heater? I know its mentioned a few times but we thought it kinda silly that the happijac beds dont come with a ladder? Going on our first trip in 2 weeks & hopefully shake the bugs out.

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    Re: New Fuel 305

    Hopefully it was just ours but check the supports for your fresh water tank. After 2 trips I noticed 1 support missing, 1 hanging down & the other was lose. They are only secured by self tapping screws? Really! At CW now, allegedly fixed we'll see.

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    Re: New Fuel 305

    Our 2019 Fuel 305 has enclosed underbelly. How would you see loose tank straps or anything under there ? Tanks are strapped in ? Are your 2018 units enclosed ? Are you seeing bulge from covering if so ? Our previous FR unit the tanks were held in with steel rails.

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    Re: New Fuel 305

    You will have to drop the chloroplast. May be able to unscrew if held in place that way, but fasteners may be the “shoot” in type. In that case you may need to cut it.

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    Re: New Fuel 305

    Should have stated I was hoping Renegade1LI would reply specifically about his 305. Some say chloroplast some say not. Depends on Make and Model

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