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Thread: Black Water Tank Clean Out Leak

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    Black Water Tank Clean Out Leak

    We have a 2018 Pioneer BH270 and it has a built in Black Water Clean Out valve. This is the 3rd time we have used the clean out and the last time we used it, it appeared to have a minor leak after running it for a while. We first noticed it as it dripped from the slide opening. When we looked under the bottom bunk their appeared to be a small amount of water that was running just along the edge of the wall. Overall there was not a large amount of water, so I don't believe anything was broken, but didn't know what or where to check to see if a connection is loose.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Steve and Kelli

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    Re: Black Water Tank Clean Out Leak

    First, look for the anti-siphon valve on the flush line. They are notorious for failing and spraying water where you donít want it. If there is a circular close out panel in your shower, look behind it. Thatís where they usually hide them. Otherwise, itís hidden in a wall cavity waiting to ruin your day.

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