saw online pics of a 2018 31dbdd and thought it looked cozy especially with the fireplace.
Well, I see all the 2019 has enclosed it so itís like a closet (seen this in person on other brands and we donít like it. Kids canít sit in play, light is blocked out. Feel like we are walking them in (Iím a bit of a claustrophobe) and my mom noted itís like a closet they slide into. Donít want a full bunk house cause worried they could fall and my children might try and jump from bed to bed (they are all under 6)
we where in a Jayco and really liked the double bunks as did the children. Real easy for them to play in as well and sit up. Plus the U dinette we prefer.

In central pa and didnít see any 2018 in our neck of the woods.

Anybody have the fireplace?