I have a new Fuel 250 and have a few questions:

  1. In the instrumentation status cluster, there in addition
    to Batt, Fresh, Grey, and Black water there is an Aux
    button - Is this functional on something - If not are their
    kits available to use it? (I'm thinking either for propane or
    the fuel tank level).
  2. Other than on the generator, the in-camper generator start/stop/prime
    switch is in the bedroom which is a little inconvenient. Can I add one
    in tandem to that in the main console (blanks are available), and how bad
    of a job is it to run the cable to the generator?
  3. I found the ratings for the bed lift (600lbs static (per side maybe)) but
    I cannot find a weight rating for the bed itself - What's the weight rating
    on the drop down queen bed? Could two adults sleep there?

VIN: 5SFCB2720KE389865


John O