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Thread: New Design Idea

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    New Design Idea

    Not sure if this is quite you were looking for when asking for design ideas. All the pieces of my fantasy NT27RKDS are pieces used in the units listed below.
    North Trails

    NT 27 RKDS

    Mashup from:
    Bedroom: NT26BRLS Move door to open like NT25LRSS. Delete dresser, add 18in storage cabinets on both sides of closet, Hanging closet in center of storage.

    Bathroom: From NT25LRSS Mirror image bathroom and put toilet at angle to give additional elbow room.

    Living slide: From NT25LRSS. Couch substituted for dinette. (Dinette or couch option) Add OHC above the couch/dinette. Move refrigerator to opposite end of slide.

    Living room chairs: From a NT26LRSS These should be smaller swivel chairs, delete OHC make room for a 50in TV. Chairs swivel and 24 in table that folds against wall makes into dining table for 2. If you go with a dinette there is plenty of room for couch/recliner combo but TV location becomes problematic.

    Kitchen: From NT22FBS modification, pantry moved to opposite end. Cabinet made to fit opening.

    With slightly smaller swivel chairs it is possible to get enough room to cut out 1ft between stove and slide, making this a 26ft unit. It may be possible to cut 6in in closet/storage in bedroom making this 25 .5 ft. By deleting the dresser it is possible to delete the bedroom slide and make this a SS. (But that would make is less cool.

    Advantages to this design:
    1. Unit can be used fully in the slides in position. Pantry, sink, refrigerator, bathroom, bed and closet are all fully usable in a parking lot without moving slides out. The only item which is inaccessible in the closed position is the stove/microwave.

    2. Unit gives a large wall (behind swivel chairs) big enough for a 50 plus inch TV with straight on viewing. There are not many TT that.

    3. Kitchen is large with lots of easily accessible storage.

    My wife and I are hoping to go full timing in about 2 years and this floor plan would be awesome to pick up and go with.


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    Re: New Design Idea

    Hi Basspal,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and thanks for contributing your ideas. Who knows? Maybe you'll see it as a future model release.

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