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Thread: Wet bathroom floor

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    Wet bathroom floor

    Just purchased 2018 wilderness 2775. Took shower and water ran all over bathroom floor

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    Re: Wet bathroom floor

    Hello Staskied08 and welcome to this great informational forum.
    So you found a leak, have you tracked down the source of the leak? Fixed it?
    Please let us know.
    Unfortunately water leaks in new campers are pretty common.

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    Re: Wet bathroom floor

    There was a problem years ago with the neo-angle shower glass wall not being properly caulked around the perimeter. If this is the style you have, apply a bead of silicone caulking along the inside of the shower. Inside because when they install it, they run screws into the fiberglass surround. So water can also collect and run down the screws to whatever is below (like unprotected wood subfloor).
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    Re: Wet bathroom floor

    Quote Originally Posted by Staskied08 View Post
    Just purchased 2018 wilderness 2775. Took shower and water ran all over bathroom floor
    I'm having this issue too but I can't figure out exactly where it's coming from. It does though seem to also be after I shower. It's pooling sort of in the corner behind and to the left of the toilet. Anyone else? Is it for sure the seal on the glass door?

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