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Thread: Cyclone 4270, who has one

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    Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Just thought it might be a helpful resource to know others who have one in case we have a question, need to know how to fix something, or if something is just normal.

    We have a 2019 4270, have been living in it for 4 days.....first RV and there is a huge learning curve.

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    I know somebody out there had to buy a 4270

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Quote Originally Posted by 2PawsRiver View Post
    I know somebody out there had to buy a 4270
    We don't own a 4270 but you might want to browse this area of the forum you may found helpful info pertaining to your specific unit and Cyclones in general. Congratulations on your Cyclone purchase. We love ours.

    Safe travels.
    Sniper and Sweet P

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Salutations from San Antonio, TX! Our family just purchased a new 2018 Cyclone 4270 in September, and we completed our first trip last weekend. We did discover a plumbing leak that my wife was able to repair by tightening the connection behind the crawl through storage space. (R2 one of the panels with no issue in order to locate the source.) The only other issue that we are troubleshooting is that even though we emptied & flushed both Gray/Black tanks, our Gray 2 is indicating 2/3 full. We realize it could be a sensor issue... or it is indeed 2/3 full with a blockage... so we will check it out again soon. (Has anyone else seen this issue?) Otherwise, it was a fantastic first trip at Bandera Riverside RV park on the Medina River only about an hour away from home. We REALLY loved the space, the kitchen, sleeping arrangements for our family of 5, and ESPECIALLY the patios! (Our 2017 F350 SuperDutyTurboDiesel performed like a champ as well!)

    We look forward to sharing some community knowledge. All the best, y'all, and take care!

    - Kris

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Hi k2padilla,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and to the family. We have a great bunch of folks here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

    Be sure and join our Heartland Owners Club. Then join us at a rally when you can meet lots of the great folks here and make friends for a lifetime.

    Enjoy the forum.
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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    We bought a 2018 4270 in February of this year. Only had it out twice as it was pummeled with hail in June. So far we have had no warranty issues but did have a new roof replaced and most of the skirting as well due to the hail storm. So far we are very happy with the rig.

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Glad everybody is having pretty good luck.....few minor issues with ours.....rear awning does not work, damage on the window slide behind the couch, leak under the main bathroom sink and a leak in the main bathroom toilet. Fixed the leaks myself, called our dealer, Lakeshore RV in Muskegon Michigan about the other issues....told us they could get us in next year....had to year, great service.

    Other then that, it has held up well......though I am still trying to figure out all the cable hook ups in the different rooms.

    A note about the gray tank.....rear gray drains up front......that was a fun lesson.

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Had some maintenance on ours a couple weeks thing I learned is to check the cables on the Living Room slide. If there is more then a half inch of play you need to have it adjusted. It will only be covered if the adjustment takes place within 90 days of purchase.

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    Not sure how I missed this thread. We bought a 2019 4270 this past January. Loving the unit. Lots of little things Iím fixing myself like most every else experiences. At the moment we have a much larger problem with the main living area slide. It seems to be tilted a small amount and the trim across the top hit a cabinet and snapped off when we retracted it. Going to call the dealer for this one. Too much for me to try and handle on my own. All in all though, we love the unit, get compliments almost every where we go.
    Nelson, Theresa, and pups Vincent & Hope

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    Re: Cyclone 4270, who has one

    We have a 2018 4270 Full Body paint and we love it. Very few issues, just 2 A/C units replaced under warranty. one small water leak near the water heater (rushed worker) tightened and fixed. we have traveled roughly 4500 mile so far with it Disney World just last week for a week. We have a 2017 F450 to do the hard work. I have answered many questions to folks, as well as asked many.
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