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Thread: Fuel pump problems

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    Fuel pump problems

    I read the reviews on fuel pumps good articles mine was right on with the other problems.
    My cyclone 2016 4200 fuel pump would not turn on trace electric all the way to the fuel pump Yes it was hot I did take it apart sanded the wheels put it back together working great
    Did not take that long to take it apart and put it back together that it was very easy
    Yes I did check the relay and you could hear it working and with 12v meter too
    Seems to me if thereís no electrical problem itís all in the fuel pump wheels I thought I was going to be electrical but it was not

    thanks sfun

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    Re: Fuel pump problems

    I have the same rig and year as you do. I havenít had this problem yet but could you explain a little more about sanding the wheels means? Thanks.

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    Re: Fuel pump problems

    I think what he is referring to is the fuel station on toyhaulers and the gas pump. The gears will swell and the pump will refuse to pump fuel. There are replacement gears, of a material that is not inclined to swell. Those are fairly expensive and a stop gap method is to disassemble the pump, sand the gears down so that they no longer stick and put the pump back together. I have seen were some have done this with success. I just bit the bullet and put in the new gears.

    What I am not clear on, in his post, is tracing the electrical to the pump. If the gears swell, the pump still comes on it just will not pump fuel. You hear it activate but no fuel comes out.
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