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Thread: Eureka Yellow Jacket Vacuum

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    Eureka Yellow Jacket Vacuum

    I was out in the RV doing some minor maintenance when the wife told me that the last time she vacuumed the floor the vacuum was very weak. So I asked her when did she last change the bag.


    So she hands me a new bag and now I am in the pass thru compartment trying to remove the canister cover that hasnít been touched in more than 5 years. When I take the original bag out I am amazed at how full the bag is! I checked the motor screen and overall inside of the vacuum. It was very clean so there was no leakage from this bag. The wife tried it with the new bag and it worked like new. This appears to be a pretty good vacuum for an RV.

    Thanks Heartland...
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    Re: Eureka Yellow Jacket Vacuum

    The Eureka is the standard built-in RV vacuum. I don't know if there is another brand.

    BTW, Heartland was supplying DYSON ($$$) battery vacuum cleaners for a while.
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    Re: Eureka Yellow Jacket Vacuum

    I have the same vacuum in my Bighorn,works great,easy and cheap to replace bags

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