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Thread: Gvwr q&a

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    Re: Gvwr q&a

    Changing the axles and tires may change your suspension and tires load capacity, but you also need to think about your weight balance. What is the maximum capacity of the garage on your toy hauler? This is what you don't want to go over as it may create major safety issues while towing.

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    Re: Gvwr q&a

    First I do not see how 2 x 7000 lb axles which is 14,000 lbs should be rated at 17,000 lbs. Now if 3,000 lbs is put on your truck as pin weight that would severely over load your 2500 truck's GVW. Every axle on your truck and trailer are already over. You can add leafs or air bags to your truck and it does not change your GVW. The decal on your driver's side pillar is what your truck legal handle and NO mods change that. Tires are also a limitation with this much weight, bad combo!
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