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Thread: Propane tank switch over

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    Propane tank switch over

    We were out camping for the last few days and the one bottle was getting low. I couldn't see any indicator position stamped on the switch, nor coud I find any printed material in the manufacturers package. I switched over to the far side and used the full tank because it was cold and I didn't want to do that at 3 in the morning. (Murphy's law). So does the Landmark propane switch have an auto switch over and if so can someone tell me if is verticle, left, right or whatever? Thanks.
    (in a a few days I will probably put my 100#er on it anyway but still need to know.

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    Your propane valve switches over automatically. Open both propane tanks (slowly). With the OPD valves, if you open them fast and they is no back pressure in the lines, the valve can sense a leak and shut off. (That's the way they are designed). Anyway, once the valves are open and your regulator is pointed towards one tank, the indicator will show green. When that tank is empty, the indicator will show red, but the regulator has already switched to the full tank. Now you manually switch the valve to the other tank and remove the empty tank and get it filled. I make it a policy to check my tank once a week, unless it is very cold and the furnace is running frequently. I don't do 3 AM anymore.

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