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Thread: Manufacturing flaw not warrantied

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    Manufacturing flaw not warrantied

    I had my Elkridge E293 for less than a year and recently during the rains, we have discovered a leak. Heartland will not warranty the defect, even though it's visible they missed the corner. They claim that the warranty says you have to inspect the unit every 90 days. I have had a Kit Companion trailer for over 25 years and have never had a leak (let alone the first year), so I am kicking myself for not reading the manual more thoroughly and expecting a better product. Has anyone had any issues with their warranty? what recourse do I have?

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    Re: Manufacturing flaw not warrantied

    Hi bdenison,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

    Sorry to hear that you have this problem.

    As you've no doubt read by now in the Trailer Manual, caulking is warranted for 90 days after delivery. As a result, claims for caulking problems after that point are routinely denied. If the leak didn't cause damage, fixing the caulking/sealant is easily done and costs less than dragging the trailer to the dealer to drop it off and pick it up later. Hopefully that's the case with your trailer.

    Apart from the warranty, there are other things that have to be maintained regularly. If you haven't already done so, you might take a look at the maintenance schedule in the manual.

    Unfortunately, we all seem to assume things contrary to what the manual says. I assumed lug nuts would stay tight on my tractor wheels. The manual says to check them. Expensive lesson for me.

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