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Thread: Sliding counter extension

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    Sliding counter extension

    Wife and I were talking recently about how on some 5ers w/ small islands and the "lack" of counter space on main island. It seems like there just isn't a whole lotta extra room on either side of the sink(s). So the wife came up w/ a idea that maybe has been tossed about before and know some coaches used to offer it albeit, another design. Sliding extension/countertop. With space at a premium, why not design a sliding counter extension that slides out, top flips up and legs fold out from underside (much like card table legs do)? Or, have it slide out from the end VS sideways, and pretty much do the same thing and while at it, figure out a way so it would be level w/ rest of countertop? When done, simply reverse things, and outta the way. Use plastic strap w/snap to secure for travel. Just a thought.

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    Re: Sliding counter extension

    Easy enough to make it yourself. In our previous TT, we had a similar problem. Solution was to take the folding TV shelf in the bedroom and remount it at the end of the kitchen counter. Where it was in the bedroom was useless and in the way if the TV was on it. The folding support brackets are available from places like Rockler, Woodcraft, or possibly the big box stores.

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    Re: Sliding counter extension

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    Re: Sliding counter extension

    Waterfall countertops are an up and coming trend in residential applications. They are basically and extension of the countertop that goes down the side of your counter. It shouldn't be hard to fabricate one to work in your rig. I say if you have the room, go for it and don't forget to post pics.

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