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Thread: tv mount

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    Re: tv mount

    Great idea. Thanks.
    Frank & Cynthia
    Charleston, SC
    2018 North Trail 24BHS

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    Re: tv mount

    Here's my sort-of tutorial, complete with photos:

    Or search "North Trail 24BHS TV installation" if that doesn't work.

    You can find the internal mounting board easily by tapping and pressing on the wood. The outer paneling is so thin you can actually bend it and feel the mounting board underneath it.

    Good luck!

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    Re: tv mount

    Congrats on your TT purchase and welcome to the forum.

    There are tv securing straps with plastic snap buckles that I mounted on the securing bolts for the mount on either side. It snaps together and holds the TV in place.
    They are 'Ready America MRV3515 Travel TV Safety Strap' and available at Walmart for less than $20

    As far as mounting went, I have a TrailRunner 302SLE and it does not have the flip around option. So, I used bolts long enough to pass through the wall and used the one closest to the left side to also hold a mount on the wall in the bedroom.
    I used flat mounts from Harbor Freight for the two main TVs and a Harbor Freight swivel mount for a 19 in. in the bunkhouse.
    I use the straps for the main 40 in TV in the main living area and the 24 in. in the bedroom and the 19 in in the bunkhouse. I've never had any issues with this solution and I trailer about 15,000 miles a year.

    Rich, Jeanne, Nikki(woof) and Du`Mass Pissant(meow)

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