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Thread: Under mount sink question

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    Under mount sink question

    I noticed last year that 1 sink (which is undermount) in kitchen, the clamps were loose. Is it a good idea to re-seal the gap between the counter and sink w/ plumber sealant? Or just re-tighten the clamps for the sink bowl?

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    Re: Under mount sink question

    Are there any remnants of sealant there now? I don't see where it would hurt anything to apply some.

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    Re: Under mount sink question

    I've repaired a couple sinks that have dropped down and I believe that a good sealant along with the clamps help hold the sink in place.
    As much as I hate using silicon caulk it does have it's place. I used clear silicon to hold and seal the sink.

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    Re: Under mount sink question

    This weekend I noticed water dripping through my undermount sink seal back by the faucet. The clamps were somewhat loose but I think the real flaw is the thin 22 gauge sheet metal used for the sink. The double bowl design causes the middle to be a flexible point and Heartland doesn't use a clamp in the back middle because the faucet is in the way. I'm leery to put this sink back in for fear the same thing will happen if someone pushes down to hard on the sink. I'm considering putting in a "Better Bath" 20 gauge single bowl found on etrailer. Any ideas on how to improve this situation??

    I can add a couple clamps closer to the center but getting a clamp in the center won't be possible due to the faucet.

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