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Thread: I drained the battery...

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    I drained the battery...

    So I have had my new Pioneer at a storage facility in town since I bought it a few weeks ago. I've been down to the camper several times, slid the slide out in and out every time (that's so cool!), run the awning, the lights, etc. Once I put the house generator in the back of the truck and ran the camper off that, but otherwise it's been all battery. Which I've drained. I'm taking the kids upstate tomorrow, about an hour and a half drive. Will the battery charge while I'm plugged into the truck, and will it charge when I'm plugged into a shoreline? Should I plug the umbilical into the truck and leave it running every time I go down to the storage area to putz around in the camper?

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    Re: I drained the battery...

    It should charge while you are towing it and when plugged in at the camp ground.. If it were mine I would pull the battery, take it home, and put it on a trickle charger until you need it again.

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    Re: I drained the battery...

    There a few limitations when charging the battery from the truck, through the umbilical cord. First, some trucks don't come with the fuse installed to supply power on that line. Most do, but you should check yours before assuming. Second, the truck wiring to the trailer doesn't carry a lot of amps, so it takes a very long time to charge the trailer battery this way. Third, some trucks pass power to the trailer only when the engine is running. Check what yours does. If you're hooked up in the storage lot and want to pass power to keep the battery charged, you might have to leave the truck engine running. Or not. Depends on the truck.

    In a pinch, if you need to operate slides or landing gear and your battery is depleted, you'll find it much faster to connect heavy jumper cables between truck battery and trailer battery and let the charge build up for 20-30 minutes before trying to operate the trailer.

    When on shore power, the Power Converter in your trailer will charge the battery.

    Be aware that your gas absorption refrigerator depends on the battery if you want it cooling while towing. And it can take 12-24 hours to get the refrigerator cooled down after turning it on.

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    Re: I drained the battery...

    If you are not going camping where there is shorepower, may be worth having the battery tested. I have heard of some batteries that get damaged cells if they're depleted 100%.

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    Re: I drained the battery...

    If the battery is fully discharged, it may not charge at all with your charger. The charger needs some feedback from the battery in order to start the charging cycle. If this is the case, You can get around this by hooking up a second good battery in series, then your charger will be fooled into starting the charge and you can save the fully discharged battery and get a full charge.
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    Re: I drained the battery...

    Always remember that an operating trailer battery is needed for the emergency trailer disconnect braking system (lanyard switch). If you need the battery (have a trailer disconnect event), and it isn't working, A BAD SITUATION IS NOW A LOT WORSE.
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