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Thread: New Member based in Europe

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    New Member based in Europe

    We have a Heartland Prowler, 2011, imported to the UK and we are currently travelling around Europe in it on a min. 3 year trip. It's big for European sites, but we are managing well! Lots of forward planning needed. If anyone wants info on RV'ing in Europe, would be happy to advise.

    We have made a few modifications to our trailer, the biggest one was removing the USA stove and installing a UK gas cooker and hob. We always have people stop and stare, to the point where we put our hand out (jokingly) to charge them when they take photos

    Love our trailer, love living in it full time, love our life of exploring and travel.

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    Re: New Member based in Europe

    That's absolutely awesome! Hope yall get to see lots of cool sites and have lots of fun!

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    Re: New Member based in Europe

    My nephew is married to a British woman; they now live in the US and have a 5th wheel (SOB). She refers to it as a "caravan" rather than a trailer. Interesting.

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