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Thread: Pin box bolts

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    Re: Pin box bolts

    I replaced all of my bolts with grade 8 bolts n nuts, plus hardened steel washers with teeth on one side. Have to buy at a bolt supply store-usually used for frames, etc. On the nuts I used metal self lock nuts (also known as ovalated). On my Flex Air Pin Box I was able to use an extra bolt on each side so have a total of ten now. Cheap insurance IMHO.

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    Re: Pin box bolts

    We travelled a lot, full time nearly five years and checked torque on our MorRyde pin box bolts several times/year. Usually found one, two or more bolts under torque. Same with axle U-bolts... so, check regularly to be safe.
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    Re: Pin box bolts

    Quote Originally Posted by danemayer View Post
    LIP Sheet 166 says:
    "3. Pinbox mounting bolts should be torqued 90 - 110 ft. lb. and checked annually."

    Are those for 9/16" bolts?

    When I was playing around with the Goosebox it was 5/8 grade 8 bolts torqued to 200 ft pounds.
    Split ring type lock washers will fail under these torques.

    Reese sells conical lock washers for this application.
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    Re: Pin box bolts

    Quote Originally Posted by sengli View Post
    When I installed my morryde pin box, I too found the nuts hard to get to from the inside. Went out and bought a box end type wrench just for this job. Seems as if the bolts were torqued to 140ft lbs.
    At one point in time when I decided to check the torque on the pinbox bolts/nuts, I reversed the bolt/nut directions so that the bolt heads are on the INSIDE of the pinbox, enabling me to put the torque wrench easily on the exposed nuts on the OUTSIDE of the pinbox. A holding combination wrench goes on the bolt heads on the INSIDE of the pinbox.
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    Re: Pin box bolts

    Would someone be able to tell me the wrench size for the bolt and nut that I would need to use on the MorRyde Pin so that I can check our torque? Have a 2019 Landmark.

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    Re: Pin box bolts

    Quote Originally Posted by pday1213 View Post
    Would someone be able to tell me the wrench size for the bolt and nut that I would need to use on the MorRyde Pin so that I can check our torque? Have a 2019 Landmark.


    I am pretty sure they are 15/16 same size as the bolts on my Andersen hitch

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    Re: Pin box bolts

    When I installed the MORryde pin box on the Bighorn, I torqued the bolts to the proper spec. Then I used a silver marker to add Ďwitnessí marks on the bolt heads. See attached photo. Every time I hook up the fifth wheel I glance at the marks.

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