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Thread: Happy Veterans Day

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    SSG Stumpy-VA Terrorist
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Everyone here knows what today is. In celebration, The Military Channel is doing pieces on each generations war. A return to Iwo, Korea and Vietnam are scheduled.

    I was watching the Iwo Jima program and was touched by the conversation between a young Marine and an Iwo vet.

    The Marine was pointing out an LST on the beach below the cliffs.

    "That's our LST we came in on it yesterday"

    The old Marine replied, "I know...I came in on one too."

    Talk about being a master of the understatement.

    Guys, you need to watch it and listen to the greatest Vets...There are less of them everyday. The time will come when they are not here to tell their tales...and the world will be a lesser place when they are gone.

    Happen Veterans Day, Guys. There are less of us everyday too.

    Alumni Southeast Asian Wargames

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    Lefty, all I can say is thank you for what you have done to keep us safe. Bob
    Bob (Old cranky), Great wife Patty, 5 great kids, 11 grandkids

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    Thanks to ALL Veterans. Ron
    Ron & Becky Schoner
    Etowah, North Carolina
    Retired 37 years in Law Enforcement
    Civil War Reenactor
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    Shadow On The Wall

    A Shadow on the Wall

        • It was 2:00 a.m in the morning, when he came upon the wall...
          a dark black "V" of granite, it stands not very tall.

          The timing was premeditated, he had to be alone...
          for it's very hard to hear, a voice that's etched in stone.

          He paced those wings of black, looking for a friend...
          and to reflect upon a moment in time, to a place where they'd once been.

          The the panel suddenly appeared, and the voice was once again heard...
          a long lost friend had been found, among the whisper of his word.

          In the silence of the night, it echoed from the wall...
          "You can let it go now, and thanks for coming to call"

          And then he moved away, the silhoutted wall began to fade...
          but looking back he noticed......his had stayed.

    .....for those who cannot...
    C.M. Readinger "Tiny"
    III MAF, 2nd CAG
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    I too want to add my sentiment. Thank you to all veterans for your sacrifice as well as the sacrifice of your families as you served and/or as you continue to serve.

    We are blessed every day because of you! Thank you.

    Jim Beletti
    Jim Beletti

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    Read this this morning. The guy who started it lives here. Awesome work they're doing. The leather clad motorcycle riders they mention in the article are the Patriot Guard Riders. Very large and active group here that serves with the regional Vet's Cemetery.

    Thanks to all Veterans past and present!
    Ray & Deb
    2008 3370 Bighorn #9072
    2008 F350 PS CC DRW

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    Thank you to all of the vetrans that served our country to allow us to keep our freedom. Also thank you to all that are currently in the armed forces protecting us.

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    Thanks for all of your thoughts. Something I found out only a few months ago, my Dad, a WWII vet, had a softer side I never knew. Poetry. While I was visiting with my Mom going through some things I found some poems in my Dad's handwriting. I'll share my favorite.

    December seventh, forty one,
    Treachery of the Rising Sun,
    Bombed the Isles, bombed in vain,
    Our boys fought back with might and main
    Broken bodies; dying; dead;
    Their spirits called to us and said:
    Pledge to America, the land we love,
    Pledge to Christ, our God above,
    We’ll bring those cowards off of the seas,
    Down begging for mercy on their knees.
    “Remember Pearl Harbor” is our cry,
    To fight for victory side by side,
    For the blood of our boys, our Nation’s pride,
    And remember when the war is won,
    Say a prayer for the boy who was once called “Son.”

    Wm. LeTourneau
    Ray & Lin
    R.I.P. Suzi
    R.I.P Bart

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    Ray - The poem is beautiful. You should think about having it published or added to a war or veterans memorial. Kind of sums it all up.

    As a veteran myself - I would ask that every day be veteran's day - when you cast your vote, donate your money and say your prayers!! There are so many worthy veteran's charities and such a huge need at the current time.

    Thanks to have all that have served. I understand and value the extreme sacrifices that have been made for our country. (This includes you, Larry!!)


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    X-Rookies Still Luving it
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    Thank you Mary Beth, for your comments. Although many of us served honorably, you made the supreme and extreme sacrifice by losing your husband Ray in combat, and serving as a trauma nurse. We all owe you a salute, and I am still just wonderfully amazed how you truck around alone in that beautiful Landmark with a smile on your face despite all odds. God bless you and all the families that sacrificed for our country.
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