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Thread: Contact at heartland SOS

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    Re: Contact at heartland SOS

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    For the oven...try putting a pizza stone in it.

    Many have found that this will even out the heat from the burner...
    You can also purchase a large ceramic tile. I use a 24" at my house.

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    Re: Contact at heartland SOS

    You might wonder why people are suggesting you get a pizza stone or tile to even out the heat, rather than try to get the oven repaired. Dealers techs are not likely to be experienced cooks. They may test whether the oven gets to within a certain temp relative to how it's set, but that's about it. Maybe the thermostat gets replaced. If you pushed really hard, you might be able to get a replacement oven from Furrion or whoever made the oven, but it might just do the same thing.

    Slides are designed to be slightly off level so water runs off, rather than inside. But perhaps your vertical adjustment is off or a part is broken. Has the dealer diagnosed the problem and determined that it's more than an adjustment or simple parts replacement? Why haven't they just fixed it?

    What do you mean when you say your "roof has shrunk"?

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    Re: Contact at heartland SOS

    I use our Weber Q to cook roast and chicken. It does not heat up the fifth whee. I use an aluminum pan with a folding roasting rack. I slide in an oven thermometer and adjust the temp with the flame and cracking the lid open an inch or so to keep an even temperature. This works really well and you don't have to clean that small tight RV oven.
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    Re: Contact at heartland SOS

    RE: the oven. Those that say to put a tile or pizza stone in the oven are spot-on. I have checked the oven with a thermometer and it's pretty spot-on. That being said, there is a hot spot in there and I burned stuff in there till I put the stone in it to even out the heat. Bakes really good now, but it takes longer. I sell baked goods out of our Cyclone at the park in Texas where we winter. The ladies there can't believe I make those items in what I call "my crappy RV oven". I do have a Breville countertop convection to help, but the baking for selling is 50-50 for each oven. I was never so glad to get home to my oven at home where I can bake 15 loaves of bread at a time. LOL

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