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    So, we set up camp last night roughly an hour and a half from where I work. I start at 5am, so 3 o'clock this morning, I snuck out of the camper quietly without even disturbing our 9 month old Shepherd too much.
    Being the middle of the night still, and worrying about their safety, I took one of the sets of keys off of the counter and locked the door latch, not the dead bolt lol.

    I get a text around 7:30 from my wife saying she's locked inside the camper.

    While I'm on the phone, this lady is walking by out for a morning wander.... my wife, yelling from the bedroom window.."GOOD MORNING, I NEED HELP"!!!! "MY HUSBAND LOCKED ME IN HERE THIS MORNING"...
    as she's handing this lady the spare set through the window to unlock the door... I can hear the lady ask her if she's ok, and should she call the police.
    By this point, I'm howling with laughter!!!!
    My wife proceeds to tell her that he left early for work and locked the door for their safety, not to intentionally keep her inside.
    It was a great chuckle for our maiden voyage.

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    Re: Oopsies

    Dude you got a lot more chuckles coming!!!!!!
    Congrats on the first trip and adventures to come your way



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