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Thread: Pocket door track

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    Pocket door track

    2010 Sundance 2900MK
    When the pocket door is moved inside the pocket all the way the door hangs out of plumb as the bottom is kicked out into the walkway.
    Seems like the rear track screws are loose which allows the pocket door to sag from the rear resulting in the out of plumb door.
    any suggestions how to get into the interior of the pocket frame without removing the entire entry cabinet?
    Thank you


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    Re: Pocket door track

    I would close the door and unlatch the retainers on the rollers, then you can pull the door off of the rollers and out of the way. Then use several long extensions on a drill driver to replace the screws if you can't fit your hand in there.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Pocket door track

    sounds logical. will let you know

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