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Thread: building a better heartland

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    Re: building a better heartland

    Quote Originally Posted by yellowamc View Post
    I understand however were you on vacation half way to your destination and could not access your bathroom or bedroom. as stated got it working on my own just needed 10 minutes to make sure nothing else was going to be damaged. all of the small item I will fix myself. however let's remember it's a brand 2019 unit. but yes I would be upset if I had to wait a year but my dealer was over 1200 miles away

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    I did notice u have the independent suspension how does that work I would like to add that on mine
    The question about waiting a year for service was to RICKL.

    I highly recommend independent suspension and disc brakes. After multiple axle and brake issues, I'm much happier with both than with the standard equipment.

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    Re: building a better heartland

    Quote Originally Posted by mlpeloquin View Post
    First be polite. Many of us have had out share of minor to major problems. Heartland, like most builders of RV's use products that are designed and produced by other than Heartland. Fasteners and products are chosen by their manufactures. So yes it can be frustrating. When major things such as what has happened to you is a Heartland manufacturing problem.

    That being said, Heartland will work with almost any mobile (you pay the service call part) or stick and brick RV repair service so long as you get prior approval for the work. Heartland is a manufacture and does not fix RV's on a quick call because you are down the road. Car manufactures never will at the manufacturing plant nor any manufacture I can think of. Heartland does have a facility to service their products and not all are accepted. There is a waiting list that can run for weeks to months into the future.

    I had a major problem a few months past warranty. I got into an independent RV repair business and we contacted Heartland. Pictures and a movie. Not enough. I gave permission to open it up to expose the structure. More pictures and movies and back an fourth between Heartland and Lippert. Not a problem with the Lippert frames. After four weeks I told my RV repair service to fix it. We had a major trip paid for coming up quickly. One week later Heartland informed me and the RV repair service that they would give a one time good faith payment towards the repair. It covered just over 50% of the cost. They are a good company that tries and does go the extra mile to make their customers happy. You do have to have patience with time. Mine took so long do to a major holiday and vacations.

    So you can fix it yourself and Heartland will provide you the parts at no cost, you can get a good independent RV repair service and provide a list of things to be repaired, with prior approval from Heartland, let your dealer do the service, or get a mobile service to do the work again with prior approval. To get parts from Heartland, call and ask for the parts department and have your VIN number. If the parts are in, you will have them in two days. I know, because I have done so.
    I am sorry I did not realise I was not being polite

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    Re: building a better heartland

    Quote Originally Posted by RickL View Post
    Itís easy to be critical of the finished product most RV Manufacturers (Iíd prefer to call them assemblers) put out. Generally due to their business model of paying piece work to assemble we pay the price for the speed and lack of detail during the assembly of the units. Having been through one of Heartlands facilities for a tour I can tell you first hand itís all about speed of assembly for the workers. This may not be the intent of the top executives, but the reality is this is direct result of their compensation program for the assemblers.

    I felt the facility was was lacking in cleanliness and organization which based on what I was told that they are experiencing a definite slow down in demand. Having management experience in manufacturing and being through readying plants for ISO 9001 certification I could write a short novel for Heartland on the immediate improvements that need to be addressed.

    Now unto the end user and what we have to shoulder owning (and living fulltime in one of their units). First patience and flexibility is absolutely tantamount if one is going retain their sanity. It took me almost a year from my first inquiry to the time I was able to get my rig in for repairs. Once there in Elkhart I have to say that my experience was very good. Did all go the way I wanted, no, but in the end I really donít have any complaints about the workmanship or interaction with the service personnel. I was treated with respect and they actually in some repairs went way above my expectations. I drove away last Friday feeling any issues that come up now are going to be a result of ďhome on a fault lineĒ as we pull it down the road. Those things that happen as we pull our rigs I have a difficult time pointing back to the ďassemblerĒ once the original shake down period is completed.

    Could we we all stand back and question many of the designs and workmanship issues - absolutely. However, at the end of the day, itís somewht incumbent on ourselves to research and make purchase decisions based on our research and what problems we are willing to stand for.
    I will agree with that on the end game. While in Elkhart we toured the luxe facility wow we were impressed. They do come with a heavy price tag but u get what u pay for. I work at a factory that builds jet engines in facilities maintenance. I do understand manufacturing can have its problems.

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    Re: building a better heartland

    Quote Originally Posted by wdk450 View Post
    Yellow AMC:
    I noticed sunlight streaming into the trailer under my kitchen slide a few years ago. The normal kitchen under slide seals seemed very useless at holding out cold/hot weather leaks (they are designed to keep rain/road water out only), and tore very easily. I thought about the problem, went to Walmart and looked in the weatherstripping section in home improvements. I found some 2-1/4 inch square by 42 inches shaped foam rubber kits designed for insulating off window air conditioners in a house. . I think I got 2 of these as I used rubber glue for a but joint in the center of the seal. I cut this to the length of the kitchen slide footing minus 2 inches, then cut and glued 2 short pieces at right angles to the ends of the long strip for the ends of the slide footing. Now when I arrive at a site, I get down and tuck this foam rubber seal in between the kitchen slide footing lip and the floor. Before departing a site, I pull out this seal for travel.
    that's a good idea

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    Re: building a better heartland

    Quote Originally Posted by danemayer View Post
    Would it be fair to assume you waited a year so you could take it to the factory repair facility instead of a dealer?[/COLOR]
    That would be fair. As the slideout floor needed to be replaced and the sidewall was cracked I was more inclined to take to the factory service facility as one thing I learned quickly is the dealer is always waiting on parts.
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