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Thread: Dining Slideout

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    Dining Slideout

    Picked up our Arlington and driving down I-5 in WA the slideout came out about 2ins why?
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    Re: Dining Slideout

    Hydraulic slideouts can drift out if the valve allowing flow of hydraulic fluid is stuck partially open. Your Arlington probably has separate switches for each slide, so it also has a separate valve for each. The valve has a manual override that could have been left partially open, especially if a tech was working on the slide. Another possibility is a little dirt in the valve, keeping it from closing completely. A third possibility is a leak at the ram that pushes and pulls the slide or at hydraulic fitting connections.

    I'd start by using an allen wrench to check the valve is fully closed. There's probably an access panel on the front wall of the pass through basement storage, off-door-side. Behind that panel is the back side of the hydraulic pump motor. You may be able to see 3 or 4 valves. Each will have wires attached. An allen wrench inserted into the valve assembly is how you operate it manually. Check that each is closed. I'm not sure which direction that would be, but it should be easy to figure out. Doesn't require any force - just finger tight. If one of the valve setscrews moves freely in both directions, that's your problem. Use the others as a guide to which direction is closed.

    If the valves are all ok, operate the slide a few times on the theory that there's a little crud that needs to work its way out.

    If the problem continues, you may have to let your dealer test the ram and connections for leaks.

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