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Thread: Loving new 2019 NT Caliber 27RBDS

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    Loving new 2019 NT Caliber 27RBDS

    Just picked up our new RV, getting to know her close to home for a couple of nights! Big change from a 2018 Starcraft 17-footer.
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    Re: Loving new 2019 NT Caliber 27RBDS

    As a follow up to our original post upon picking up our 27RBDS Caliber last August, we’re proud to say our experience has been Awesome so far, having traveled our first 1,000 miles in 3 States! Also, because we’ve heard so many horror stories about dealer experiences (including our own experience with our previous non-Heartland camper), we want to brag about our experience with Carolina Campers & RV in Mocksville, NC.

    We bought ours new as an end-of-model-year promotion and believe it was a bargain for the features, quality & comfort. However, during our 2nd visit to make the purchase, we noticed apparent water-damage inside the unit to cabinetry in the inside kitchen, outside kitchen and bedroom. Regardless, we proceeded with the purchase with the “promise” it would be handled as soon as we were ready to leave it with them, since we had a camping trip planned for the following weekend. During that camping trip, 3 hours from home, we had a heavy rain and, while we were inside with family visiting, we discovered where & how the water was getting inside: a split in the rain gutter above the outside kitchen hatch that was also leaking at the hatch caulking to inside the compartment! From there it traveled into the kitchen/living area until I ran a strip of Gorilla tape along the top of the outside kitchen hatch to deflect the water for the remainder of the camping trip.

    Upon returning home and contacting Carolina Campers & RV, they said we were welcome to come anytime and we could wait for the water-leak repair because we had another trip planned soon after, so we fully documented all the wood damage before arrival. They were extremely attentive, corrected the source of the leak and covered each damaged item one-by-one to pre-order the replacement woodwork. After returning from the next camping trip in TN, with no further water leaks since the repairs, we winterized the unit and delivered it back to them knowing we wouldn’t need it until Christmas week when we had family coming that would be needing it for sleeping quarters. Since the water-damage had occurred to the woodwork of the outside kitchen, the Pantry, the kitchen island and one of the bed nightstands (as well as the vinyl flooring in the bedroom), it took a few weeks for the replacement pieces to all arrive, but once they did, they jumped on it and had it ready with time to spare, as perfectly as it would have been from the factory!

    Needless to say, we highly recommend this dealership because of our experience so far, especially since we had “accidentally” happened onto their lot in the first place: we thought we had pulled into another dealer a mile farther down the road that we had called about 2 used campers they had listed online!
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