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Thread: Satisfied QB300 owner

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    Satisfied QB300 owner

    Hi everyone. Working with heartland and CW have most of the issues taken care of. Still have some questions on the entertainment set up in the rv. The stereo (axxera axm148bt) does not show any access to using a dvd player or any settings that would allow using the inside speakers off of the tv. Also would really like to hear from other QB300 owners on this issue and generally how they feel about their unit . thanks for your time, Dave

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    Re: Satisfied QB300 owner

    Hi eickdle, I don't have a QB300, so I couldn't speak to your second question, but I do have a DS320, that has a very similar model stereo (axm145bt) and it appears it's a similar setup in that there's an AUX input on the back of the stereo. My trailer didn't come with a TV, so when I added one, I had hooked up the external speaker output (digital optical, through a Digital to Analog converter) into the back of the stereo, and then added a bluray player, and it's audio goes through the TV first, then to the external speaker output.

    Hope that helps a bit.


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