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Thread: New duct run

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    New duct run

    For those who did the CheapHeat install themselves, for the additional duct, what did you buy and where did you get it?

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    Re: New duct run

    got 4 inch insulated flex duct at lowes. Also got 3 inch non insulated on amazon for the under belly duct to run back further
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    Re: New duct run

    Any ducting you add should be 4 inch duct which you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes, its just Mylar dryer vent hose.
    That being said the minimum duct requirements are as follows:
    Heat Range Configuration Min Total CFM Max Total CFM Min # Supply Runs
    1800 Watt 120 300 3-4 inch
    3750 Watts 180 400 5-4 inch
    5000 Watts 240 500 6-4 inch
    Its not uncommon to have to add at least one duct and if that the case we suggest you just shove it open ended back under the living area towards the back of the RV. Its above the insulation so there is no lost heat, just warmer floors.
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