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  • Well, I wish I'd had a slide... I gave my truck an ouchie!

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Thread: POLL: To Slide, or Not to Slide...

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    POLL: To Slide, or Not to Slide...

    Hello All,
    As some of you already know, I'm the proud new owner of a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 with all the trimmings... Except... the Hitch!

    So.. I've started this thread not to ask which hitch to get.. ( I've already decided on the 18k Reese Signature Series ), but to find out if I really need a slider...

    It is a short bed truck ( 6' 3" ), but with the patented Heartland 88 degree turning radius... I've heard a lot say that the slide isn't used at all.

    So... To those that have manual slide hitches on short bed trucks,

    Have you ever needed to use your manual slider?

    If you have used it, please add a comment to this thread about the circumstances.

    Also, to those with a Reese Signature Series WITH slide, do you notice any noise or chucking from the slide assembly?

    Any other input is more than welcome... (no hitch wars please).

    Thanks all!
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    Founding VA Chap Ldr (Ret) boatto5er's Avatar
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    I have a manual slider, but have never used it, and I've made some turns that approached 90 degrees (usually when backing into really tight spots). However, I'm glad I have the slider. I figure I may decide to get another 5er someday that may not be as easy to turn as the Heartland, or I may need to help someone else out. I look at the slider as insurance for "just in case" situations. I do test it occasionally to keep it from locking up from non-use.


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    Senior Member - Past Moderator Ray LeTourneau's Avatar
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    I had a slider on my previous truck, a short bed Chevy. about 3 weeks into ownership of the BH I removed the slider and replaced with the standard reese legs. The slider also had a fair amount of "play" which made any chucking much worse.
    Ray & Lin
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    Founding Illinios Chapter Leader-retired katkens's Avatar
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    I have the hitch with slider that you have chosen and been well pleased. I will also say after 2 years of use never had the need to engage the slider for use. I agree with Gus's post his reasoning was the same as mine before purchase and not sure now if I would add the slide if done over. The tolerances on the locking mechanisms are quite tight and have not noticed any noise associated with excess movement. When you order it make sure you get the 12 inch lube plate for the pin box, they are harder to find than the 10 inch ones. I guess after reading all the forth coming posts an still in a dilemma over the slide get it, its cheaper getting it together ,than separate. Good luck , LK nice ride even if it is a Dodge.....Kenny
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    Founders of SoCal Chapter Bob&Patty's Avatar
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    I did get a slider and am glad I did. If I slide it back, its easier to back the coach in the back yard. With the slider back, the coach reacts quicker like a bumper pull trailer. My 2 cts worth. BTW, I have a reese hitch and there are adjusting set screws on the bottom of the hitch assembly that you can tighten to stop chucking. Thanks Forrest for the info on the screws. Bob
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    Senior Member Uncle Rog's Avatar
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    I have never even considered using the slide feature, figured I threw $50 in the camp fire. Now, after reading Bob's comment, I might consider it for parking but I have never really had any problem..................
    Suzin & Roger
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    Senior Member Shadowchek's Avatar
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    I have the slider hitch but haven't had to slide it yet. There was one occasion that I was 1/4" away from hitting my cab on a really tight u turn. I had to get a person parked in front of me to move or it would have hit my cab turning sharp enough to clear him. If I would have slid it back I wouldn't have had to have him move. I was thinking of getting rid of the slider before that. I think I will keep it for now.

    Greg and Shelly
    2008 BH 3400RL
    2002 Ford F350 Lariat 7.3 Diesel 4wd Srw
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    Hey guys,
    I really appreciate all the feedback! I've had similar thoughts about help'n out neighbors / friends, but in the end... If I end up help'n someone else out, I can probably get away with not make'n the tight squeeze into a spot.

    If I find that I end up in tight spots of my own, I can always pick up the slide later. I think for right now, I'll save the extra $$ for fuel..

    Thanks again everyone... Excellent input as usual!
    Please don't Buy while millions Die -- ADOPT!
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    Past Michigan Chapter Leader
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    Oops, I didn't look at the category this was under and thought the question was directed to moving the 5er slides manually. If posssible, take one vote off the never vote - I have an auto-slider.
    Chuck (& Saundra) Batcke
    Retired Heartland Owners Club #1046
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    Member Cirrus's Avatar
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    I've only been pulling my Sundance for about 4 months...but I'm impressed with their front cap. I've done U-turns in parking lots and even with the wheel to the stop, I still have about 1 foot of clearance to go before I'll "kiss the cab". Now backing up is a different story, but I have had it almost to a "right angle" while backing (I only needed this maneuver once while getting into a VERY TIGHT camping space) and it still gave me everything that I asked for.
    I would say that for me (my truck has the 6.5' box) I will never need a sliding hitch.
    It's nice to see that Heartlands advertising about the 88 degree turns is not marketing hype, but solid information!

    Paul & Kathy- 2007 Sundance 2800RLS and 2007 Chev 2500HD Duramax.

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