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Thread: Fireplace bulb replacement

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    Fireplace bulb replacement

    We have a 2015 Big Horn 5th Wheel Model 3010RE. We have a Greystone 36" fireplace, Model #F3610G. Does anyone know how to get to the bulbs in the fireplace to replace them?
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    Re: Fireplace bulb replacement

    Hi Mike-n-Cheryl,

    I don't know for sure on your floor plan / 36" fireplace, but on ours there are 2 steps to pull the fireplace out for maintenance. There's some molding on the front that has to be carefully pulled away from the wood to which it's attached. Ours is some composite that requires gentle handling to avoid breaking it. It was held by small brads. And ours has screws at the inside 4 corners of the fireplace frame, toed into the wood frame at an angle.

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    Re: Fireplace bulb replacement

    Follow Dans instructions but I had a struggle getting it back in place. I think they are called “teardrop” openings that are used to hang it on a couple of screws. You have to lift it up, hit the opening and then let it settle down into place.

    You can do it just took me a little time.
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    Re: Fireplace bulb replacement

    [QUOTE.=Mike-n-Cheryl;627129]We have a 2015 Big Horn 5th Wheel Model 3010RE. We have a Greystone 36" fireplace, Model #F3610G. Does anyone know how to get to the bulbs in the fireplace to replace them?[/QUOTE]

    If yours is like mine was in our 2014, then your fireplace is surrounded by fake brick made out of Styrofoam. I seem to remember having to remove the . brick before I could access it. Make sure you unplug it. What we did was made two straight cuts parallel to, but about an inch below the top of the fireplace and carefully removed the top piece of foam. Then we carefully removed the rest (used a drywall joint taping knife). After it is removed you should see four screws holding the fireplace. Remove the screws. The fireplace needs to be lifted up a little and then out (two people is recommended). I just replaced all the bulbs (three I think). When I reassembled it, we used spray adhesive on the bottom section of the foam, but I used Velcro on the top piece (in case we had to access it again). Good luck
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    Re: Fireplace bulb replacement

    Besides all of the trim stuff mentioned in previous posts, my fireplace front glass has to be removed by removing 1 retainer screw in the top center.

    I have found the light bulbs at the 99 Cents only stores in 2 packs. Be sure to take a sample with you to get the right size bulb base.
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