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Thread: DVD playing in Black and White

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    DVD playing in Black and White

    Greeting All.

    Everything was working fine, then last time using the camper the DVD is playing in black and white and grainy picture. I've checked the RCA connections on the back of the TV; all's good. Don't know how to get the Furrion DVD player out to check those connections. Any thoughts?


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    Re: DVD playing in Black and White

    I'm not familiar with all Furrion models. The ones I have seen/had all have a bezel around the outside edge of the unit that pops off relatively easily. Once removed, it reveals four screws. Once remove, the unit pulls straight out. Hope that helps.
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    Re: DVD playing in Black and White

    DVD? RCA connections?
    Those are only slightly newer than eight track/ cd players; rather than mess with them - replace them.
    Look towards (at a minimum) a Blue Ray player and a *HDMI connecting cable*, maybe as much as $100.

    *Assuming your TV is new enough to support HDMI*.
    If not consider upgrading it, depending on size maybe another (BUDGET LEVEL TV) $250- $350.

    It's easy to spend other peoples money, but time/ technology have moved on.
    Then sell this old/ outdated equipment (but don't be disappointed if no one wants it).
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    Re: DVD playing in Black and White

    Ours was doing this as well, and I found on a different forum that you actually have to change the TV input to AV and you will have colour, i tried it and it worked, i was kinda frustrated that it was something as simple as that lol, we had already double checked the RCA cables on the back of TV and Furrion unit, hopefully this works for you

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