Attempted several times to contact Heartland to help us figure out our Surround Sound and cable wiring, at no prevail, they could not help us as they have no idea.They did send us what they thought might be the specs, but it wasnít ours. So, Heartland, would you please start wiring the Electronicís to where your customer's like us, can get to it and know where they are if we need to change something. We found our Woofer under the oven. Yes, that is what I said, under my oven.... We had our cable man come out and he said our wiring for satellite was all messed up so we had to pay money to get it rerouted. Yes we let Heartland know. We also found that the Summit TV doesnít do surround sound unless you play a Blue Ray movie. It will take us hours to try and figure out the wiring on that. We are planning to get rid of the Summit TVís we have as they are junk. So, hope this helped some.