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Thread: How to find the cable splitter in a 27 RKS

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    How to find the cable splitter in a 27 RKS

    Good evening I just bought a 2020 trail runner 27RKS. I have a dish tailgater. How can I hook it up to the cable in port. I need to find the splitter and remove it. I was told that's the only way my satellite will work. Has anyone else done this. I don't want to run a new coax through the camper. I only want it in the front room. Thanks

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    Re: How to find the cable splitter in a 27 RKS

    Hi Tom_mary731,

    Congratulations on the new Trail Runner and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

    I think you'll find that using the cable input for satellite may be challenging. The typical routing for the cable input is through a barrel connector on the way to the signal booster. If you have multiple TV locations in the trailer, with cable/antenna wiring, the split usually occurs after the signal booster. The reason for that is that each TV would need the benefit of the signal booster when using the rooftop antenna.

    The signal boosters have, to my knowledge, never been designed to carry satellite frequencies.

    So to use the coax going to the signal booster, at a minimum, you would have to add a splitter before it connects to the signal booster, using a splitter that handles satellite. Depending on where the signal booster is located in your trailer, and where you want the satellite signal, you may have some new coax to run.

    Looking at your floor plan, the simplest approach to get satellite to your bedroom may be to put a connector thru the exterior bedroom wall.

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