Greetings all,
First post here, thanks for being a great resource and for any help with this post.
We purchase a new to us 3650BH late last year. We have enjoyed its layout and have been gradually making it our own with upgrades and accessories.
Unfortunately I rolled the dice one too many times. All along intending to upgrade the factory tires to Sailun G rated I made one trip too many.
The forward passenger side tire failed, doing so it ripped out the umbilical containing the gas line, 2 AC and 1 DC cables feeding the kitchen slide out.
My repair tech is having problems getting a positive answer from Heartland about which style umbilical they installed on that particular slide.
By chance are there any owners out there that would take some photos of this system to share with me so that we can speed this process up and get back to camping?
I think the 3660TB should have the same arrangement.
Thanks so much for any and all help.