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Thread: INSTALLING PLAQUE - Click here to learn how to install them

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    INSTALLING PLAQUE - Click here to learn how to install them

    Heartland Owners Club - Installing the Plaque

    Installing Plaque to the Frame:

    1. Remove 2 screws (phillips head) from back of frame and place frame front side down onto a solid surface
    2. Place plaque onto back of frame with the sold black side of the plaque facing up
    3. Using screws from step 1 above, screw plaque onto back of frame. Secure screws tightly

    Installing Brackets to Ladder:

    1. Remove both screws (phillips head) from both ladder brackets
    2. On your ladder, between the 2 steps you have decided to mount your plaque, reassemble the brackets using the screws removed in step 1 above. The two halves of the brackets go around the left and right upright (long sides) of the ladder - like a clam shell. Do not secure the screws tightly just yet - only snug enough so you can still rotate the brackets and slide them up/down the ladder if needed

    Installing Frame to Brackets:

    1. Remove both cotter pins from the plastic pins that are attached to the back of the frame
    2. Adjusting the brackets (rotating, sliding up or down) on the ladder as needed, slide the plastic frame pins down into the holes on the top of the brackets
    3. Perform a final adjustment to each bracket to ensure the location is to your liking, then secure the 2 screws on each bracket tightly

    Click here (link to be added later) to download a PDF file of these instructions with photos.
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