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Thread: Newbie Owner 2020 Mallard M185

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    Newbie Owner 2020 Mallard M185

    I am brand new owner (literally brought it home yesterday) and a brand new person to owning a camper! Very excited and had a couple of questions that you guys might can answer. At the dealer the A/C was running but it was also plugged into an electrical source. Can the A/C run off propane? It won't turn on and if I want to go dry camping I need to figure out how to turn the A/C and Heater on without an electrical source. Also, the "doggie door" won't work with either set of keys they gave me. The main door is fine and the storage door key works but for some reason I cannot lock this door with any key that came with the trailer. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Newbie Owner 2020 Mallard M185

    Hi nmagryta1979,

    The Air Conditioner needs a continuous supply of 120V AC. To run it when camping without shore power, you'll either need a generator or a very large solar installation.

    I'm not sure what a doggie door is on your trailer. But generally the storage compartments either open with a ch751, or an R001 key, both of which are different from the deadbolt key for your entry door.

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    Re: Newbie Owner 2020 Mallard M185

    Hello nmagryta1979 and welcome to this great forum.
    Your AC will only run while having 110 volt power supply. There are ways to get that power while dry camping such as using a generator although your neighbours might not like you.
    You should be able to run your heat on propane along with 12 volt DC power although you will probably deplete the battery after a day or two depending on usage. A solar system will help there.
    You might want to contact your dealer about the key situation.

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