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Thread: Trying for Solar to the Torque T26 (solar prep) 2019

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    Trying for Solar to the Torque T26 (solar prep) 2019 (photo of panel)

    This may kill me first. Can anyone with a T26 take a photo of the solar wires behind the control panel? It's just 4 screws after you pop off the outer plastic "ring/trim". The factory drawings say it's behind the panel, but for the life of me, I can't see them. I don't have a small plug ready for a quick panel on the ground. I DO have (2) MC4 connectors (for solar) on the roof and wired into the RV going somewhere.......... I also have a black and white wire on the bettery. What I need to finish the install, is to know where the wires are for the Charge Controller and I'm told they are all sittiong right there waiting for me, but I can't find them. Any help is appreciated nd I'll be doing a "how to" once I locate them.
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    Re: Trying for Solar to the Torque T26 (solar prep) 2019

    I can't help on those wires behind the panel as i don't have a Torque.

    Depending on the gauge, the black and white wire at the battery "may" be coming from the converter. Unless the converter is connected to a bank of breakers on the front of the coach.

    Does the diagram from the factory show a solar charge controller? Generally speaking, that's the next thing the solar panel wires plug into and then from there to the DC system of the coach.
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