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Thread: nt 22fbs couch to bed conversion

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    nt 22fbs couch to bed conversion

    so i found the jack knife couch useless in all ways. too small to sleep on faces the wrong direction to watch tv etc. so we removed the folding couch and base that left only a few small holes in the floor that you wont even notice and put a very nice recliner in that spot..

    then i went to the slide out dinette and ordered two table posts and bases then cut a plywood top to fit in the u shape of the base of the dinette and added a thin alum angle to the edge of the plywood to support it at the rear top screwing it to the plywood edge with just enough angle above the plywood to rest on the existing seat base. you wont notice this when cusion is on top of it. then i cut the two tubes down to support the shelf and screwed the bases for the post tops under the plywood shelf. and i did cut a small 45 deg on the two front plywood corners for safety.

    it is not only strong and solid it uses the middle rear cusion for fill on top and makes a bed of decent size..........

    just store it under the rear base area when not in use.
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