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Thread: Need some opinions on 2016 Big Country 3560SS

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    Re: Need some opinions on 2016 Big Country 3560SS

    We have a 2019 Big Country 356SS. Bought it late last year and spent a couple of winter months in it at Ocean Lakes campground in South Carolina plus numerous trips this summer. As mentioned before, even a new rig has some issues and you just take care of them one at a time. We love ours - especially the space in the bedroom as we have 3 dogs that travel with us. The air conditioners in this one are surprisingly quiet compared to some of the campers we have had over the many years.
    our build sheet list price was in the $1**,000 range and we were able to purchase this one for around $**,000.
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    Re: Need some opinions please

    Quote Originally Posted by Skychief View Post
    Thank you for your reply, but can you tell me your reason for choosing one over the other? At this time this camper will be park seasonal at a campground since the one we have chosen we fell in love with its area and since I am not near retirement it's just best at this time.
    I don't want to seem to come off the wrong way, but our decision has to be made soon. Even though we are leaning toward this 2017 Big Country at $35,500 over a different brand at the same price but is an 2015 the original asking price new was close to $72,000 we were told. Don't know if this is true but this is what the owners said. With those numbers and the old saying "You get what you pay for" I am just questioning this purchase. Everything on this camper is what my wife is looking for where some of these items are not present on the other brand (Prime Time) and from what I am told can not be installed since these campers are made specific to the options they have built into them. The wife will be the one keeping the camper clean so I know how it is when you have to care for something that you wish you were doing the same onto something else. Me myself I am looking for quality over cosmetics. I know what ever reviews you go under no matter what brand it seems like the campers that have problems with their purchase write the reviews while the ones that love theirs don't bother writing reviews since time is so precious in the world today. I am the same way, if I like something I don't take time to write a review, but I sure got time if I don't.
    As before any opinions would be appreciate greatly
    For us it came down to interior colors and the level up system (which was optional that year). The model for that year was basically the same between the two brands. The Landmark, the Bighorn and the Big country are all built in one shop with the same people and similar if not the same components in most cases. There are differences between each trailer, but to me the build quality is the same. The asking price or MSRP on a new trailer is about 30% more than the dealer invoice. That number is subject to negotiation at the time of purchase.

    If you like the trailer and it meets your needs, that is a good thing.

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    Re: Need some opinions on 2016 Big Country 3560SS

    Quote Originally Posted by Skychief View Post

    Newest members to this forum. I was hoping to get some honest opinions from present and past owners of an 2017 Big County 3560ss Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer.
    My wife and I have 24 hrs to decide if we want to purchase this one at a given price of $35,500.00. The unit has been hardly used by this private owner which he stated he paid in the $50's for it new. What I was wondering has anybody on this forum have any pro's or con's about this specific model and year? We have camped all of all lives starting from a tent to our present 36' fifth wheel that I feel will be deemed a total lost from another camper hitting our camper while it was on the side of the road. This one seems like a beauty, but I been wrong before. Any help would be appericated.

    Thank you,
    If you havenít bought this yet let me know , we need to talk
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