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Thread: Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter

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    Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter


    We are considering going to Seattle from Demopolis, AL....first grandchild. Like to arrive about Feb 1 with no time constraints regarding length of the trip.

    We have a 30' 2017 North Trail Caliper pulled by 2020 Nissan Titan with distribution/ sway hitch.

    We would stay as far south as possible in the US until we get passed the high peaks of the Sierra range... and then north on the Pacific Coast Highway 101. The question is where do we make the turn north to avoid any unacceptable passes? San Diego? LA? Bakersfield? We have no interest in visiting the cities.


    Chas & Bev McKeown

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    Re: Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter

    If there is Ice, you might have to take Hwy 101 all the way to Tillamook OR and then over to Interstate 5 at Portland. You have a big mountain pass that is in southern Oregon which would be potentially dangerous if the weather was bad and they had freezing temps.


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    Re: Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter

    This could be a long, tough, sketchy, trip in midwinter. I 10 is the most southerly route, to I 210 skirting the L.A. basin on the Northern side, to I-5 going north to either Williams or Redding, crossing West over the coastal range to US101 in Ukiah or Eureka. The Redding road is curvier, and more of a challenge. US 101 follows a lower elevation coastal route, but is a 2 lane curvy, bumpier, road in Northern California and Oregon. US 101 from L.A north actually goes through the city of San Francisco on city streets, and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Even when you are not in snow in the pacific northwest, you can expect rain. Recent large wildfires could cause landslides in the rain. Collect road conditions phone numbers for every state you plan to travel through, and be able to be flexible at a moment's notice in your proposed routing.

    Have you thought of Airlines or Amtrak?
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    Re: Demopolis, AL to Seattle in winter

    Thanks for all for providing ideas and insight. For family reasons we hope to get to Seattle by early February putting us at the Siskiyou Pass in January...if we do this.

    Have been researching communicating with DOT Oregon, RV Park employees, other RV forums, etc. Here is a statement one full timer sent:

    "There is a lot of RVers who wait to head south until after Christmas or even New Years. Yes, they have to adjust their travel itinerary to match up with suitable weather conditions, staying near the passes as required if the weather sneaks in unexpectedly. Fortunately, they know how to keep the passes passable and the delay may only be a day or two."

    When you search this idea of 'waiting for the right weather' on the I5 in winter, it seems to be used by many. So....thought we would ask those of you who have been so kind to pass on your knowledge:

    - Is this a viable approach?

    - Would you do it?

    Thank you for your help,

    Chas & Bev McKeown

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