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Thread: Install a Front Window and a Awning on a MPG 185.

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    Install a Front Window and a Awning on a MPG 185.

    I would sure like to have a front window and a awning installed on my 2011 MPG 185 any ideas or have you done it any info would be a great help.


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    Re: Install a Front Window and a Awning on a MPG 185.


    At one time, there was a company that made a sort of portable awning for the MPG. Sorry that I don't have details on that.

    As for adding a window on the front, since the front is radiused, it could be a bit tricky and to do so, you would need to remove the inner skin to build some structure around what would be the window cut-out. I'm sure it could be done - just be realistic in terms of what you're in for.

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    I did an MPG sub-forum search for "awning" and it returned the following thread matches.
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