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Thread: Laminated floor repair

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    Laminated floor repair

    Has anyone else out there had the need to have their Heartland laminated floor repaired due to water damage and, if so, was the dealer successful in making it “invisible”? It was discovered in our 2019 North Trail, just prior to the 1st year warranty expiring, that the piping coming through the floor to the water heater had a pin-hole and had been spraying whenever connected to a water source, causing the front storage area to stay wet in that corner. The leak was repaired, but I discovered the vinyl separating and depressions in the floor near the water heater after the repair, depressions likely due to the tech’s elbows working on the leak, and what appears to be flooring expansion behind the molding OUTSIDE the wall, so we scheduled to have the affected sub-flooring repaired under Factory warranty.
    It’s currently at the dealer having it repaired now, but my concern is just how good the repair will be, even with a Certified tech doing the work. We already had a previous vinyl flooring repair done, so we have plenty of extra vinyl to match, but being that this is being done right at the outside wall, under the water heater and under the front bed, I am concerned about this not being done at the Factory. Of course I know Factory work could take months, especially now, and incur transportation costs, but the dealer (who I have had Exceptional service with so far!), assures me that they are fully capable of the repair.
    I know the laminated floor construction and am not concerned about possible structural issues, expecting they will only replace the upper layer of plywood and fill any foam depressions, but I don’t know how they can replace what runs between the framing and the wall base. Granted, I’m thankful this isn’t being done in the living area where it will be visible, but I’m curious if others have had this experience as well?

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