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    Good morning,
    Thank you for the add. Wife and I have a 4 year old and a crazy long haired dachshund. We had an Aspen Trail prior to having our kid and have decided it's time to get him out camping. We are looking at the smaller bunkhouse trailers. We like the Heartland products and have a local dealer with a bunch of Pioneers on the lot. Why did you choose Pioneer? Any common issues we should look for prior to hauling it off the lot? Thank you for the help. Looking forward to getting back into traveling.


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    Welcome. We bought a used Pioneer RG26 last year. The only reason we bought this unit is because we needed a toyhauler and it fit the layout we wanted and budget that we had. We didn't get to use it a lot last year but the times we could use it we were pleased. All these campers are put together quick and cheap so expect to find some fit and finish issues. I redid most of the duct work because half of ours wasn't even hooked up to the vents. Easy to get to so not a real big deal. And if your handy lots of upgrades to the space can be made. The only other things we have found that we need to address still are an out of alignment axle (tire wear indicates it) and a leak from the shower that I haven't found where its coming from yet, but it isn't to severe. Good luck with your search and ask any questions, hopefully someone can help you out.

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