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Thread: Bighorn Cover

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    Bighorn Cover

    I wanted to share a picture of our cover for our Bighorn 3400 RL. This is 18' X 41' so you can extend the slides. The unit was about $2,900 delivered and setup. In our county this is considered a temporary structure so no permit was required. If any member wants more information, send me a message. We tried ADCO covers in past, but because of snow and high winds, they did not work well.None[IMG]//[/IMG]
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    Regan and Lynn Scott
    2008 Bighorn 3400 RL

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    Looks nice. We are getting ready to move back to Missouri from Alaska next summer and we are looking for enough land to store ours on too. We may need to get more info from you in the summer.
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    That's a great looking cover, I've been looking for something like that, but locally they are over twice what you paid. Who is the maker of your shelter, and what model is it?

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    regan, nice cover we have our Sundance under one just like it and sure helps keep it clean and helps shade it from some of the sun.
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    For those who asked, we ordered the 18 X 41, 11' height, regular style, 14 gauge. The company is My RV repair shop, Coachmasters of Bend is a dealer, so they measured my rig to make sure I received exactly what I needed. Any other questions feel free to ask. Just under 3K delivered and set up, however I anchored the unit. We have a 3400 RL.
    Regan and Lynn Scott
    2008 Bighorn 3400 RL

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    We have a cover just like yours that we use. It is anchored down five places on each side with 3/4 rebar poured in 3' of concrete, it has made two hurricanes so far. May not make another but so far so good.
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    Some of you lucky people live in areas where you get more land for the money, but here in coastal CA it is impossible to even find a storage facility that has overhead cover at all. It costs me $275 per month just to stow it in a tow yard. If anyone knows of a place in South Orange County, CA that has cover, please let me know. My HOA states clearly that we cannot build anything like that cover. I guess I will just have to drive to the snow, not live in it, brrr..........Beautiful setup Regan and Lynn.
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    Regan: Do you know what the roof is capable of supporting (pounds per square foot)? We have a lot of snow here....
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    To be honest I am not sure. I did get the 14 gauge, when I talked to the local dealer he said that was fine for the snow load we have here. I know you can order the 12 gauge for better load if that is a concern. The dealer I ordered from seemed to know the product well, so far I have had a little over a foot on the roof, but we tend to melt off quickly. But maybe your area would require the 12 gauge.
    Regan and Lynn Scott
    2008 Bighorn 3400 RL

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    What is all the white stuff on the ground around the rv? I live in south Louisiana and we don't put that around our rv's!!

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