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Thread: What's behind the TV and stereo in the 2018 3270rs?

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    What's behind the TV and stereo in the 2018 3270rs?

    I didn't know, and we have a new TV on the way and have always had a saw dust problem after being on the road.... In case you all were curious.

    We may decide to have the new TV closer to the front of the space, I think what we've got coming is thinner than the insignia.

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    What's behind the TV and stereo in the 2018 3270rs?

    We have a 3270. As your picture depicts I figured it was dead air space. If we’d ever replace our TV I was ripping into the space too. Remove the, for the most part, useless cubby they figure for a spice rack so the TV sat further in to increase shelf space
    Thanks for sharing

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