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Thread: Busted Fresh Water Tank

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    Busted Fresh Water Tank

    2016 Bighorn 3685RL 4 season, full timers in one spot for now. We are hard piped to sewer and city water. As with most of the country we had very little time to prepare for record low temps with 10 days below freezing and a -8 and -19 night back to back. So the good and the bad of it, is everything survived and we had full use of plumbing the entire time, but the fresh water tank froze and is assumed to have burst. (yes, should have drained it, but thought I might loose city connection and could switch over) Everything will get tank heaters when it warms up and dries out.
    My question is this; has anyone ever had to replace the fresh water tank in a Bighorn?
    the entire lower underbelly was holding a lot of water, I drilled 3- 1/4 holes in the covering to let it drain. What can I likely expect when I get the cover off? Insulation replace? Where can I get a tank?

    I apologize in advance if this is not posted in the proper place/way, I'm new to the whole forum thing.

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    Busted Fresh Water Tank

    As far as the tank, contact Heartland with your VIN. They should be able to give you the info/specs on the right tank to replace it. May require some juggling if the axles are directly under it.
    Examine the tank closely. The water may have been pushed out the overflows as it froze and not damaged the tank. Check the fittings, too. Possible the outlet plumbing broke and can be replaced. Look for the simple fixes before committing to a tank replacement.

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    Re: Busted Fresh Water Tank

    I know that my Bighorn is of an earlier vintage, but when I had the major repair on the twisted I beams done (2014?) and the entire bottom coroplast removed, the fresh water tank was aft of the axles more on the door side. I am thinking it was above the spare tire, like under the living room area. On my 3670 RL model, the kitchen grey tank starts just rear of the axles on the off door side. My fresh water tank had like a 3' by 4' piece of 3/8 waferboard supporting the tank with the steel straps. The wood had rotted from water in the center of the board, so I replaced the board, treated it on all surfaces with marine spar enamel, and drilled a 3/8 hole in the physical center of the board for a water weep drain, before giving it to the welder/mechanic to re-install.
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    Re: Busted Fresh Water Tank

    Heartland will be your best bet at obtaining a tank of the same size and shape for perfect fitment.

    I've removed a tank before. Unplumb it, remove screws holding the rear brace in, then lower the tank down. That's how it went for me. Yours may be different.

    Contact Heartland with your VIN at 877-262-8032.
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    Re: Busted Fresh Water Tank

    We had a fitting crack on our 2016 Big Country fresh tank. Heartland shipped a new tank but it arrived damaged. They shipped another one, and it was ok. However, I could not find a mobile tech to do the work. Eventually I took my rig to Heartland for other repairs and they replaced the tank for us. Like others have said, it could be a connection and not the tank busted. Ours is almost over the front axle. I donít know if you have batt insulation or not. We just have the silver bubble-wrap looking stuff, I think itís called Reflectix. It does not get damaged by water.
    Our tank while we added tank heating pads.

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