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Thread: TV Cable to Outside TV

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    TV Cable to Outside TV

    When my wife and I purchased our2020 Newport last year, we declined the TV in the outside compartment. The compartment is still there, just no TV within it. At the time it was just another expense I didn't have money to pay for - and I figured I'd add it down the road. Late last summer I was looking around in the compartment and could not see any coax leads.

    So - my question is... does the factory still run the coax to the compartment if you omit purchasing the TV at the time you order the trailer? And if the coax is supposed to be there... how far do you have to dig?

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    Re: TV Cable to Outside TV

    You might want to behind the walls of the basement. I’m sure you will see coax there. It wouldn’t take much to figure it out.
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    Re: TV Cable to Outside TV

    i agree.
    go into the basement and remove the screws and swing the wall panel open..... everything is in there and you can then figure out what to do from there..
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